Fashionable Fluffy Friday : On the Road to Help French Bulldogs Pablo & Stella

Paris illustration, Fashion & Fluffballs, Road Trip with Kitty Cat © Shell-Sherree
Paris illustration, Fashion & Fluffballs, Road Trip with Kitty Cat © Shell-Sherree

Road trip ?  If there are cuddles, an early morning and/or dusk walk on the beach plus an extra-jumbo half-strength latte by the ocean at the other end, that's a "Yes!" from me.  In this case, however, it's for philanthropic reasons:  we're hitting the figurative road to rustle up some sales for a good cause.

Today's illustration shows Ella modelling a special Love Revolution bandana by Bullove, Italian makers of bespoke puppy dog clothing.  Bullove, Pipolli {also creators of gorgeous gear for dogs}, and I have teamed up with big-hearted TeamTrueLove for a beautiful fundraising campaign to help cover treatment for a couple of little French bulldogs in need named Stella and Pablo.  Bullove is donating the proceeds from sales of their special Love Revolution bandana and every sale gives a ticket in the draw for a gorgeous Pipolli teepee plus an illustrated portrait by me of the winner in their new teepee.  Adorable!  ***UPDATE 14th December 2016:  All fundraising bandanas have been sold ~ yay!  Thank you so much for your help and support!

bullove, bulldog illustration, copyright ShellSherree

The campaign ends 14th December and we really need a boost to reach the target.  If you'd love to spread the word, order a bandana to help the cause and spread smiles when walking your pooch, you can buy yours here.  On behalf of Stella, Pablo and Team True Love, we thank you !! And on that note ...

Happy Fluffy Fashionable Friday to you !


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    1. You're an angel, dear Petrea !! Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts ! x0x

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    1. Bless you, dear Debs !! Thank you so very much ! x0x


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