Fluffballs Friday : French Bulldog Pup's Italian Cycling Adventure

French Bulldog and Mum illustration: Uvetta and Martina's Cycling Adventure  © Shell-Sherree
French Bulldog and Mum illustration: Uvetta and Martina's Cycling Adventure  © Shell-Sherree

Grazie mille, Google Translate.  Like a dapper waiter at the cocktail party who charms the guests all evening then drops a tray of devilled eggs in the middle of a speech, you can cause mild embarrassment at inopportune moments.  But in this case, you served me well.

I received an email recently in Italian from a beautiful French bulldog mamma Martina, requesting a custom illustration of her with her adorable pup Uvetta. {You can follow her adventure on Instagram here.} Well, that's what I hoped it said after chugging it into Google Translate.  A clear, trusting brief with inspiring photos helped immensely in keeping our communiques quick and simple.  When Martina saw her artwork and loved it ~ and nothing proved lost in translation ~  a "Woot!" and a high five-selfie escaped me.  So indelicate!

So come, let's follow their lead and tootle into the countryside on bicycles built for one and a half.  There's ample room for flowers, crusty bread and a cheeky bottle of red.  Italy or France, take your pick.  They both work for me.  And on that note ...

Happy Fluffballs Friday to you !


  1. Replies
    1. Grazie, bella!! Have a happy weekend. :) Hugs to you and Diavolo. x0

  2. Uvetta! Sounds like a cheer of fashionable victory. And look how victorious and fashionable Uvetta is, so I must be right.

    1. Heh!! It does sound like a cheer, Petrea! Next time I have the chance to cheer in Italian, I'm going to call out, "Uvetta!" Happy weekend!


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