Fashionable Friday : Make Like Diane Keaton

Fashion and fluffballs illustration Lilac Seventies-Style Slouching  © Shell-Sherree
Fashion and Fluffballs illustration Lilac Seventies-Style Slouching  © Shell-Sherree

Someone once likened me to Diane Keaton.

As I'm not tall in stature, I have a feeling this observation owed more to my oft-circuitous conversational path than to appearance.  To be fair, I leave a good breadcrumb trail that's easily followed if you keep your wits about you.  But keeping a bag of trail mix in your pocket isn't a bad idea. 

Anyhoo, potential vague similarities aside, today's illustration is inspired by the always-stylish Ms Keaton.  Is she a lover of cats? I rather suspect so. Speaking of cats, did I tell you about the time I saw a black hat on the side of a ... ooh, fairy floss !  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you !

PS:  Looking for something special for the animal lover in your life?  Click the Contact link on the menu to enquire about an illustrated portrait.  One of a kind for one of a kind. Too adorable for words!

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