Francophile Friday : Where in the Louvre-Rivoli Be We?

Paris fashion illustration: Fluffy at the Louvre-Rivoli © Shell-Sherree
{ Paris fashion illustration: Fluffy at the Louvre-Rivoli © Shell-Sherree }

Today's illustration demonstrates my kind of map.  Easily viewed without a magnifying glass and pared down to pretty pictures of the essentials.  Life's too short to get lost in the fine print.

For a travel wardrobe, I'd pack pictures of the essentials, too.  If only I could figure out how to create 'just add water' garments that didn't dissolve into Emperor's new clothes in the rain.  But we're some years and a Kickstarter campaign away from a grow-your-own gown that's as fluffy as this.

Fairy floss and candied violets plump a high percentage of its voluminous rufflage. By the time we've snacked our way to the next metro stop, it will be cocktail length.  Let's hope we still have a mini-skirt in place by the time we reach the Moulin Rouge, or an inadvertent audition could be on the cards.  Sacré bleu and pass the sequins!  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

{ Paris illustration: Fluffy at the Louvre-Rivoli © Shell-Sherree }


  1. You remind me of how much trouble I had figuring out the Metro when I was in Paris. Surely if I'd worn a frock such as this, some handsome French swain/dude would have been happy to help me find my way. As it was, John, my handsome American swain/dude who speaks no French, led our excursions because the maps all made sense to him.


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