Francophile Friday : Au Nom de la Rose with a Frenchie Reprise

Au Nom de la Rose Paris and Frenchies Love illustration © Shell-Sherree
{Au Nom de la Rose Paris and Frenchies Love illustration © Shell-Sherree}

With my penchant for petals, anyone would think I'd love to be a lady in a flower shop.  Ah, how peaceful that sounds.  Gladly, a hayfever sufferer I do not be.

Today's illustration whisks us away to Au Nom de la Rose in Paris.  It's not the first time we've visited but last time, there was a notable and regrettable absence of four-legged fluffballs.  It's time to make amends.  And better yet: it's allergy-free!

Voici, fetching French bulldog siblings Rue and Cosette of @cocoandkanga {their lovely mum is one of my most prolific customers} are enjoying people watching from their perch while we take a casual approach to the wardrobe and a pair of scissors to our jeans.  Feel free to join us.  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. There is now a darling little French bulldog living in my apartment complex. I've spied he/she and Mum out walking.

    1. Oooh, I'm excited for you, Michelle !! Enjoy scoring some Frenchie pats ~ they are such friendly and fun little pups.

  2. Please tell Cocoa & Kanga that I followed them on instagram because they're your friends. It has nothing to do with how darling they are.

    1. Dear Petrea, thank you! They are a very sweet bunch. I have an interview upcoming in the next week or so with their delightful young mum who adores writing, as it happens. If only she lived near enough to go to one of your Story Kitchens!


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