Francophile Friday: Au Nom de la Rose, Paris

 ink pen & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm] BROWSE PRINTS

Bonjour, my petal pies.  Flowers are still one of the most gorgeous ways I can think of to say, "You're a good sort," "Sorry, I've been remiss," or to never lose an opportunity of seeing something beautiful, for beauty is in God's handwriting' {Ralph Waldo Emerson}  All of which I wanted to express to you today after my lengthy sojourn.

Even better when the flowers are in Paris, such as these at Au Nom de la Rose.  Merci to dear Virginia of Paris Through My Lens for today's inspiration.   And I know, I know ~ you haven't had a wardrobe change for the past five weeks ~ sacrebleu.  This should rectify the matter.  And as there's no kitty within, here's your feline fix for the weekend.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!  

Au Nom de la Rose 
87 rue Saint-Antoine 75004 Paris


  1. It's good to see you back, Shell, with your beautiful clothing choice and even more beautiful illustration. I missed your world during those weeks, and felt my pastels greying.

  2. What a pretty domestic scene you have created! Whimsy is one of my favorite words.

  3. I'm happy to see you, your illustrations missed on the blog.
    This one is marvellous.
    I like Au nom de la Rose (for me it's the shop on Tournon street)
    Wonderful the picture of the cat, very funny !
    Baci e a presto

  4. This is a delightful drawing and I love your details! The flowers are beautiful, but so is the intricate door. And what a gorgeous dress you've offered us. Wow. But I'd probably be more comfortable dressing like the cat. Great to see you back -- you made my Friday!

  5. Meeps is in her usual spot when I'm blogging, draped across my lap. We both love this illo but Meeps says she doesn't see herself anywhere. Do you suppose i've raised a diva???

    Any time you interpret one my photographs, I"m always thrilled and delighted sweet Shell!

  6. Your sojourn becomes you! Hope you had a delightful rest. From the looks of this illo - you did. Superb!

    "...felt my pastels greying" hee hee, Mise, and Katie, "But I'd probably be more comfortable dressing like the cat." Have missed your art and lovely band of mischief makers.

  7. Flowers are always welcome! I can almost smell the fragrance. Such a lovely shop. Your fashionable grey cat may want to meet Henri. He's French and into existentialism....

  8. Shell Sherree cherie, your illo is charming as always. And I don't care what you post, I'm just glad to see you.

    John says your gray boy looks like "a Peruvian god-kitty." It cannot be better stated, unless Henri finds a way to put it in French. Ms. M, you devil.

  9. Mise ~ well, heavens to Betsy, we can't have your pastels greying. It's grand to be back.

    Hi, Jen ~ thank you for stopping by and saying Hi! Three cheers for whimsy.

    VenetiaMicio ~ c'est mon plaisir. I didn't realise there were so many of them! Bisous, Danielle...

    Thanks, Katie! And I have plenty of pristine noodle boxes on hand. When you come to visit me sometime, we will make hats.

    Virginia ~ please beg Meepsie for my forgiveness. Ella thought the same when she saw it. Extra munchies did little to appease her. And thank you as always for your generosity, ma chère.

    Thank you, Cali. I've missed you all so very much!

    Ms M ~ heh, Henri is priceless. How have I not discovered him before now? {Henri himself might ponder on this question...} Thank you for introducing him to me.

    I'm glad to see you too, Petrea. John makes me laugh! {As do you.} Imagine a black female kitty instead of this little fellow and you have Ella. You'd need to also imagine a raised eyebrow under that hat. I don't think she'd take it so well.

  10. Welcome back dear Shell! Lovely to see a charming new Shell illo! What a dress! Love that adorable British kitty photo! Big hugs from me and you know who to you and Ella! :)

  11. I am always charmed by a visit here!

  12. I know this place and love your interpretation... The soft colors are peaceful and I can detect the aroma of the petals from here!


  13. Good to see you, ma chère! I loved this image on V's blog—and your rendition is perfect, as always. My gray kitty noticed the lack of same here, but would not entertain the thought of silly cat hats (he was quite indignant, actually).

  14. Favourite Vintage Finds ~ I had a feeling you'd enjoy that photo! Right back at you in the hugs department...

    Thanks, dear Shanna. And it's always lovely to see you.

    Genie ~ it must be so hard to resist buying flowers at every beautiful fleuriste in Paris. I'm guessing you've enjoyed many bunches while there.

    Alexa ~ my profound apologies to your dignified sir. I think many felines would share your boy's {and my Ella's} response. And isn't that one of their very endearing qualities!

  15. Gorgeous illo Shell - and love your new profile pic too :-)

  16. Wonderful illustration of V's beautiful pic, I can see why she loves it!! thanks for the link to the dress... divine and the cat hilarious I had a grey fat cat when growing up named Harold who was such a character and this pic reminded me of him :)
    Shell thank-you so much for taking the time to enter the giveaway on my blog and your special words I really appreciate the support.

    Carla xx

  17. It works well on a Tuesday, too.

  18. And a Tuesday night as well. You make any day of the week sweeter, Shell. As for that cat in a noodle box hat - ha! He wears it with such aplomb.

    Ms. M, I know I shouldn't laugh at Henri's existential angst but I couldn't help myself. That is funny!

  19. Carla, it's so lovely to see you ~ thank you for dropping in and joining us. It's always a pleasure to visit you and be inspired by your sense of wonder and the way your photography captures it. I'm glad the kitty cat reminded you of Harold. That's a very sensible name. I'm sure he was magnificent.

    Hiker, Susan ~ any day, any time. You put a smile on my dial.


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