May the Fourth Be With You

French Bulldog & Kitty May the 4th Be With You illustration © Shell-Sherree
{French Bulldog & Kitty May the 4th Be With You illustration © Shell-Sherree}

Say, "Hello," to Gary, the subject of today's Fashion & Fluffballs pet illustration.

If Carrie Fisher's scene-stealing French bulldog Gary had been on set back in the day, there's a good chance the Star Wars dynasty would have included a Frenchie.  I'm relieved that didn't happen, or I'd have been forced to abstain thanks to my golden rule of not watching movies starring animals.  Far too high a 'Weeping Inconsolably' risk factor for my EQ levels.

But here Chez Shell, transportation to your happy place is always a safe bet.  So come, pull up a cosmic lounger, roll up those side buns and clink glowing glasses of liquid aqua while pining for the caramel scrolls back home.  And on that note ...

May the Fourth be with you !


  1. Well, there was the millennium falcon...

    1. Heh! True, Petrea ... how did I overlook that? ;)

  2. And what about Chewbacca? To what genus and phylum does a Wookiee belong, anyway?

    1. Isn't it funny, Alexa, Chewbacca didn't cross my mind ! And when I stopped to wonder why, I realised I always think of him as a man in a Wookie suit. :)


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