Friday Fleurish : A Spot of Weekend Gardening

Flutter By Kitty illustration © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion & Fluffballs illustration: Flutter By Flower Fountain © Shell-Sherree}

This is the closest I could happily come unto gardening.  Tuck a few flowers and butterflies into a tumbled mess of up-do and that's my work done for the weekend. 

No weed-pulling.  No Edward Scissorhandsing.  I can't even fit a hat on top, so I'm doing my thing for sun smarts by staying safely indoors.

So come, let us make a pitcher of iced single origin oolong hand-plucked tea and ponder on the vagaries of varietals.  It will all be news to me.  And on that note ...

Happy Friday Fleurish to you !


  1. Oh dear. I'm afraid I went outside today with my beat-up leather gloves and an old shovel, and I actually dug up the sod. At least I wore a hat.

    1. It sounds very earthy and healthy, Petrea! I'm waiting for the gardening bug to bite sometime ... I'm the odd one out in the family so far !

  2. Must admit I'm not very fond at digging in the dirt, but I do like the idea of planting a few perennials in an up-do—and if my hair wasn't kept in a permanent pixie cut, I would!

    1. There's no spare room in a pixie cut, ma chere!


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