Fashionable Friday: Audrey's Puppy Love

{ink & watercolour illustration by Shell-Sherree}

I'm back.  It's grand to see you.   The holidays agreed with you ~ you're looking rested and raring to go.  As for me, I discovered when yin and yang collide, you can guarantee an epiphany is around the corner.  {Mine was black raspberry-flavoured.  And I'd have another in a heartbeat if I could.}

Anyway, after plenty of late-night navel gazing, I've decided to change up a few things in my life ~ streamline, simplify, gather my energies and become more Yoda-fied.  "Do or do not ~ there is not try."  As part of that, I made the momentous decision {but a long time in the making} to pull down the shutters on my print store shortly and focus on things that are closer to my heart and more productive {both illustration-wise and otherwise}.  I wanted to give you a weensy window of opportunity to order {please click HERE} in case you'd been considering something ~ but please pop over sooner rather than later! 

Meanwhile, here on the blog, we'll be walking on the serendipitous side more often.  Perish the thought you ever have to stifle a yawn.  Today's illustration is inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy with a couple of non-miniature poodle pooches back in the day.  She's the essence of grace and natural beauty inside and out ~ and 20th January marked the 20th anniversary of her passing.  The world was left a better place thanks to her.  {And thanks to dear Rose for steering me to this particular source of inspiration.}  And on that note...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you!


  1. You're back. It's wondeful to see u again.
    You're mention of Audrey Hepburn reminds me of a related closing of a fav cafe. :(
    But, let's look up, cuz u have a couple of canines at your side in 2013!

  2. Not sure which I want more: the dress or the dogs. So elegant, so refined. So very Shell!

    My yin-yang have yet to collide. I keep things very compartmentalized. ;-)

    (You've been missed.)

  3. like a breath of fresh air ... what a nice pick me up for today x

  4. Forgive me for feeling a little smug, as I have a small but significant collection of Shell originals. They are a daily delight. (Smart, what you're doing. I submitted an article and heard back that they liked it, but as it had already been posted on my blog, it was considered "previously published." Boo-hoo.)

  5. Welcome back! You look rested and newly energetic too! Wonderful to see lovely Audrey and the fashionable poodles, too.
    (My Christmas present is currently at the frame shop. When I get it back, all properly done up, I'll send you a photo :-) )

  6. I'm a fan of your architectural renderings. Have you given any thought about making those into note cards?

    Happy fashionable Friday to you - but I bet it's Saturday by now

  7. Yay—you're back! I'm feeling at least as smug as Altadenahiker and for the same reason—but grazie mille for the window of opportunity, Cara --

  8. P.S. -- I knew that was the inimitable Audrey immediately!

  9. Cafe ~ sorry to hear about one of your favourite food bowls vanishing. But I had a feeling you'd like seeing these pooches. My pleasure, puppy dog..

    Thanks, dear Cali. It's great to be back! And I'm happy you're happy with the end result. {You don't have to choose here, remember... take it all!}

    dk ~ always glad to provide breaths of fresh air without the aid of an oxygen tank. ;) Happy weekend!

    Hiker ~ you do have a very lovely curation of Shell Sherrees! {And thank you re: the public content. An important and irksome thing to factor into such equations.}

    I'll very much look forward to your photo, Ms M! Thank you. Hugs to you and Macie.

    PA ~ much appreciated! I've had various cards available over the time {there are still some postcards in the store right now} but will send them in the same direction as the prints ~ at this point in time, at least. The manual fluffing around with order processing, packing, dispatching and so on isn't how I want to spend my time. But if I get a sensational deal for licensing... that's a different kettle of fish!!

    Phew, I'm glad she's recognisable, Alexa ~ thank you!! ;) And yes, you do have a beautiful collection of Shells! Thank you, my sweet.

  10. A sensational deal for licensing--that's my wish for you, Shell. And I'm excited to see what your Yodafication will bring you.

  11. This things are so hard to decide, aren't they? I seriously contemplate never writing again at least one or twice a month.

  12. I didn't need to look at the post title. As soon as I saw that dress I knew I was looking at Audrey in Givenchy! I loved her in Sabrina and watch it again and again. So good to see you back and you do look rested and refreshed. I'm looking forward to your Yodafication changes and am now heading off to get myself a Shell Sheree print.............

  13. Thanks, Petrea! Have I told you lately how much I'm looking forward to your release of Camelot & Vine? I'm whittling down my reading stack in readiness.

    I'm glad you don't follow that train of thought through, Margaret.

    Debs ~ it's great to see you, too. And thank you ~ I'm very happy you'll have a Shell Sherree in your home!

  14. Dear Shell, it's lovely to see you back, and to see your gorgeous Audrey illo and the fab photo that inspired it. Wishing you and Ella a year full of happiness. Big hugs to you both from us.

  15. What's not to love about your illustration of Audrey and these two darling dogs! You've done an especially wonderful job on Audrey's gorgeous dress; oh to have her sense of grace and style. I like your idea of streamlining and simplification. And of course I look forward to more serendipity on your blog!

  16. Thanks, Favourite Vintage Finds ~ and I'm glad you like the new header! Thought I'd mix a bit of country and a bit of city this time around. Happy 2013 to you and you-know-who.

    Katie ~ it's a magnificent gown, isn't it! And one could need a special someone on hand to do up the zipper ~ any garment like that gets extra brownie points from me. :)

  17. Oh, Shell, please forgive my tardiness in wishing you a welcome back. How fabulous that your self-described navel gazing led to your dazzling us with Audrey. She really is the essence of grace and natural beauty, as you so eloquently described her.

    I'm excited to see what your new Yoda-fied life will bring. All things wonderful, I am sure.

  18. Thanks, dear Susan! And time is a hazy thing here. Are you late? Think so, I don't. {I'm Yoda-fying my grammar as well.}


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