Friday, December 7, 2012

Frivolous Friday: Acqua di Stresa

Illustration of  Acqua di Stresa - Italy: by Shell-Sherree: pigment ink pen & watercolour

I don't speak Italian {aside from the occasional cheerily pretentious "Ciao, bella!" amongst friends}.  And I forgot to ask Katie about this shop {thanks for the inspiration, bella!}  So I really should have done some research before deducing its name could mean Water of Stress ~ then applying the logic that no-one would encourage people to use Water of Stress, therefore it must be one of those funky reverse meaning things, whereby it actually means Water of De-Stress... aha, a day spa!  Delighted at the excuse to finally show you this spa in action, I launched into today's illustration, only to discover once finished that it's actually a perfumerie in the Italian town of Stresa on Lago Maggiore, and symbolic of "charming melancholy, passion and poetry".  Not to worry.  Let's inhale their scented waters, relax into a new weekend and use the occasion to try some Italian delicacies for a change.  I have not implemented a system for cataloguing our wardrobe choices, so forgive me if we're wearing the same outfit twice.  It's better for the planet anyway.  And on that note...

Happy Frivolous Friday to you!


  1. Ah, I love your day spa! And wouldn't I like to visit this pretty little emporium in Stresa. Definitely no problem with repeating an outfit—if Kate Middleton can do it . . . Besides, it's best to travel light.

  2. Too divine, Shell! Life is a perfumerie, old chum, come to the perfumerie!

  3. Ahhhh, sounds like a perfect weekend getaway! (I see how perfectly relaxed the kitty in the spa is).
    I like that outfit; definitely don't mind wearing it more than once.

  4. Shell, it doesn't matter if it's a perfumerie, a spa or a mechanic shop, you should use every excuse possible to post pictures of kitty spas.

  5. Such fun to see this gorgeous illustration! You've really captured the essence (ahem) of this place wonderfully, from the beautiful hanging plants to the cobblestone street. I was lucky to spend 4 days in Stresa, and walking by this place made me very happy. I bought a few bars of soap from the lovely bins out front, but now I wish I'd bought some perfumes. And I wish I'd brought that outfit!

  6. Ton aquarelle est adorable, je n'ai pas pu voir la vraie boutique sur le web, mais ton dessin donne vraiement envie d'y aller !
    Bisous - Baci - Kisses

  7. Has kitty in the doorway just gotten back from the spa? She has that ever so serene look on her adorable face. It's a lovely illo, Shell. I'm going to lie down, put some sliced cucumbers over my eyes and imagine I'm hanging out in Stresa eating Italian pastries.

  8. Alexa ~ it's very charming. If I'm ever around Lake Maggiore, this pretty store is on my map!

    Cali ~ heh! A perfumerie sounds about my speed.

    Do you think Macie would enjoy a kitty spa, Ms M?

    Thanks, dear Petrea! I'll remember that...

    Katie ~ their fragrances sound exquisite! And I wish I had that outfit, too. I'm so glad you went to Stresa, otherwise I'd have missed out on the pleasure of illustrating this lovely spot. Thank you!

    Danielle ~ merci, ma chère! Je suis heureuse d'entendre cela. Bisous...

    She does look chilled out, Susan! I hope you enjoyed your Italian daydream.

  9. Stress is so alien to your lovely images, so it is fitting that it should turn out to be a perfumerie: this sweetly scented world of yours prevails.

  10. I'm not sure what you wrote here, ShSh, but I love the art!

  11. Mise ~ if only someone would have the sense to make Smell-o-Vision a reality, we'd have the complete picture.

    Thanks, Cafe! I think I was having a writing delirium of some kind, induced by one too many perfume sniffs. But I hope the illo made up for it.

  12. I dream of visiting Lake Maggiore one day. This will do nicely till then.

  13. Virginia ~ I'm happy to help tide you over, my sweet.

  14. Love this one Shell... and I liked the idea of this pretty little place being somewhere to de-stress... Either way... wouldn't it be fun to be there...:) xv

  15. Thanks, dear Vicki. If they ever decide to include a spa, it will suit them beautifully! Bon weekend...


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