Friday, November 30, 2012

Francophile Friday: Stripe Me Lucky

Illustration by Shell-Sherree: pigment ink pen & watercolour

If we ever need to break a zebra out of jail, here's our perfect device for smuggling in the nail file: clever use of a colourless, transparent box to lull the wardens into a false sense of security, rendering them completely oblivious to the miniature lock-picking tools contained within the deceptively sweet and innocent macarons inside.  Those zebras are crafty.  Here's something casual to wear so we don't draw attention to ourselves.  If it's 'bring your own chair' day, never fear ~ we won't be caught off guard.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Dear Shell, I love stripes more than most other things in the world, and your illustration is ace. I salute you from my imaginary sitting stance in that exquisite chair.

  2. The chair wouldn't look so bottom heavy with vertical stripes. ;-)

    Sur La Table sells macaron ornaments. I'm partial to the violet macaron. Have you been indulging in sweets this week, Shell? Hmmm?

  3. Is it (was it?) your birthday? I'm going to do something I never do, which is send you a card. May take me a week to figure out how. Fortunately, you've already taken care of the bow.

  4. Lovely illustration! The macaron gift box is so pretty that I'm afraid I'd have trouble opening it (for a while, at least).
    Currently, there aren't any zebras here that are in jail (although we do have a few in the local zoo). We'll keep your ideas in mind in case we need to rescue any interlopers.

  5. Adorable! Although the box needs to hold at least 6 macarons if you ask me (but I'm a glutton for macarons). Great casual outfit and fabulous chair! And I hope your Birthday was filled with delicious treats!

  6. Thanks, Mise ~ and you look most becoming there.

    Cafe ~ I'm happy to do a community service announcement for a good cause.

    Heh, true, Cali! I have had some sweets this week, but no violet macarons were on the menu.

    hiker ~ it was, and a particularly nice one at that. If you find a way around the card scenario, I'll treasure it even more knowing you did something you never do.

    Ms M ~ no jailed zebras over there? All the more macarons for us, in that case.

    Thanks, Katie! And you make a good point. I'll start preparing some six packs.

  7. Delicious AND practical! Hope you had some nice fresh macarons for your birthday, ma chère. (I'd send you some, but we know how that works!)

  8. Happy belated birthday, Dear Shell! I hope you had a splendid day, enjoying your favorite things.

  9. Happy belated birthday, Shell! I'm glad you had a particularly nice one, as you always make things particularly nice for the rest of us.

  10. Alexa ~ the box still has pride of place in my bookcase, ma chère. And I still get a grin ear to ear whenever I think of its arrival. One of the best surprises I've ever had. Thank you!

    Much appreciated, Ms M. I feel ever so blessed ~ the celebration rolled over several days by the time I caught up with family and friends. An extra special one this year.

    Thanks, dear Petrea! If I can bring a smile and a titch of whimsy to your day, it makes me happy.

  11. I'm terribly tardy. Je regrette, ma chère. Happy belated birthday to you. It warms my heart to hear it was an extra special one. As for that box of macarons, I'd be happy if that's all Santa brought me this year. But could you make it at least 6 macarons, Santa? (Good thinking, Katie.) Oh, and that striped shirt!

  12. Thanks, Susan! It's nice to receive good wishes, no matter when. And I hope Santa's watching...

  13. One each for you and Meeps, dear V! x0


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