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Francophile Friday: Paris Fillies & Flemington

Illustration of  Paris Carousel Pony by Shell-Sherree: ink & watercolour

Hot on the heels of my desire a couple of posts ago to follow a train of thought, this time I'm forward planning.  Nobody panic ~ I'm sure both are passing fads.  The trouble with forward planning is I'm so far ahead of today's subject that my blog post will be past the winning post long before 'the race that stops the nation' even starts.  Our filly is not giving the rest of the field in the Melbourne Cup a sporting chance.  That said, given her handicap ~ she lives in Paris and she's tied to a carousel ~ she needs a head start, so I make no apologies.  {I have not forgotten our customary kitty mascot but I'll send a trio of Shell-Sherree postcards to the first commenter to spot her!}

For 3,200 metres and just over three minutes on the first Tuesday in November at the Flemington race track, most of Australia holds its breath and cheers {don't ask me how we do both simultaneously.  It's a gift...} as 24 horses and riders compete for a particularly fond place in the hearts of our nation.  Hats and fascinators are the order of the day, with yellow roses in lapels for tradition.  In keeping with the exuberant spirit of the Cup, I'll leave the wardrobe choices to you, and when you're ready, we can watch in comfort, tickle our noses and snack in style.  And on that note...

Happy Flemingtonish-Francophile Friday to you!

My heart goes out to all those affected by Sandy.  There's a lot of good information here with regards to helping animal shelters in dire need.  Let's help in whatever shape or form we can. 


  1. She's in the wall of the building above the saddle.

  2. Perfect way to enjoy the Cup! And best of luck to our Filly!

    Macie says she sees Kitty camouflaged within one of the outer decorative bits of the building. Perhaps there's a good window (with a good view) there?

  3. The big horse races currently in the USA is The Breeders Cup here in our area.

  4. Hey, how did Kitty get way up there? Thanks for the kind thoughts for us poor Sandy victims, Shell. New Yorkers are hanging in, but I sure would rather don a fascinator and join you at the races! And I'd put my money on this pretty filly, tethered or not.

  5. How funny holding our breath and cheering we are talented lot!! Great post and i'll have $5 each way on Carousel Filly..Carla xx

  6. A Well Styled Life was quick off the mark ~ though it turns out you all have pretty sharp eyes! Like our filly, you must eat a lot of carrots. {Looking forward to receiving your postal address and I will have your postcards on their way avec la grande vitesse. Enjoy!}

    Ms M and Macie ~ I imagine the stonemason was so smitten with his beloved feline, he took this opportunity to create something in her image. ;)

    Cafe ~ I hope you're resisting the urge to chase them around the track.

    I'm glad kitty wasn't in this precarious position over your way last week, Alexa. I'm so relieved you're ok. I hope services, food and petrol are available again very quickly, though the rest could take some time. Take good care, ma chère.

    Thanks, dear Carla ~ $5 each way sounds about my speed. ;) I'll have a glass of bubbly for you on Tuesday.

  7. I wish I could send all storm-tired east coasters on a vacation to the races, Shell. Your sweet illustration and kind sentiments are a mini-vacation in themselves.

  8. I guess you guys are straight into spring now, and hence all the races. Enjoy!

  9. Thanks, Petrea! I hope I can bring a bit of cheer in times that need it.

    Margaret ~ yet another reason I love this time of year!

  10. Come Tuesday I'll be wearing my fascinator to school for a very fast school pick up and then rushing to friends place, daughter being dragged in tow, to watch the race. My money is on your adorable filly - even if she's attached to a pole.

  11. Oh, and we had the Breeder's Cup at the same time. Your lovely filly is such a flirt, how can she lose?

  12. From Kitty's vantage point, she can watch this pretty filly run all the way from Paris to Melbourne. I love yellow roses, especially when they sit on top of divine cupcakes.

  13. Your adorable horse looks rested and ready to race (even if it is just around and around with dreams of being in the Melbourne Cup). I love how you've hidden kitty in the illustration (or maybe she didn't want to startle the horses). I lived for a few years in Kentucky so I know how seriously people can take horse racing. Hope it's a thrilling race -- I'll put on a frilly hat, take a seat in that gorgeous chair and put my money on Voila Ici!

  14. Debs ~ sounds like you have a fun time in store {your daughter will hopefully grow into it!} Our filly has a prettier outfit than the others. {There's a technical term for it, I'm sure...} Enjoy!

    Hiker ~ long lashes go a long way when flirting.

    I won't be whipping up any such cupcakes for tomorrow's festivities, Susan, but they look very, very good!

    Katie ~ aha! You've researched ~ what a girl! It's an extremely strong field ~ would be hard to thrill more than last year's photo finish but whether the margin is a length or a whisker, we'll be celebrating en masse for much of the day. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Voila Ici!

  15. I thought for sure Katie would pick Americain! Voila Ici was my choice. The name alone is a winner. The horse probably won't be. More's the pity! I am partial to gray horses. The first horse I ever bet on was gray. I bet to win, he came in second. LOL.

    Love how kitty is hidden in the illo. Reminded me of Al Hirschfeld and how he'd hide the name of his daughter, Nina, in some of his drawings.

    Have fun today!

  16. Your pretty pony has hat same expression a kitty has when you rub their cheek. They lean into it.

    So Australians get all up and hatty when it comes to the races? never really seemed to catch on in California. Sweat pants, comfortable shoes and cash. I rather like the glamour down under

  17. Cali ~ I did have a fun day, thank you! And many bubbles later, I have to report that Green Moon took home the cherries. The carrots. The cake... the prize. I was pleased on account of its Australian connections, who happen to follow the same footy team as I do. {Not that I thought to bet on it!!} PS: My dad has a soft spot for greys, too.

    That's a beautiful parallel, PA. Thank you! And when it comes to the Spring Racing Carnival, in general people do like to take the opportunity to style up and look the part. It's nice!

  18. OH I"m sure I'm too late but I found Meeps/Ella up there on the BHV!!!! Love the carrousel that is always there during Christmas. A very special treat.
    Bon weekend sweet Shell!
    V and Meeps

  19. Rather brave of them, don't you think? Thank you for placing the carrousel. Much as I think my circulation could slow past the point of no return if I visited Paris in winter, there are many appealing reasons to take a chance. Bon weekend to you and Meeps, dear V.


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