Fashionable Friday: Cruising with Chanel

Chanel rose-gold, perspex, resin and enamel cuff from its Cruise 2013 collection; 
illustration by Shell-Sherree

Today, I thought I'd try something novel and follow a train of thought rather than being distracted by something shiny and sparkly.  As luck would have it, I found the two things aren't necessarily mutually exclusive when I decided to continue our sojourn with Chanel for a little longer before changing the channel.  {Sorry, I used up all my resistance to putting 'Chanel' and 'channel' in the same sentence last week...}  The blessings of Pinterest saved me having to scan a magazine cutout to show you.   I tried locating it directly on Chanel's site, but it was inevitable that I'd pass out instead from the controversial new Brad Pitt/Chanel N°5 ad {Part 2} currently on the home page. {I don't get the ad at all and I want him to cut his hair, but I didn't mind the distraction.  Momentary distraction.}  As wearing a cuff alone would attract the attention of the constabulary and an entirely different set of cuffs, please ~ let's attire ourselves accordingly.  Gratuitous pretty kitty here.  And on that note...

Happy Fashionable Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Shell, I'm so glad you brought that advertisement to my attention, as I had never realized that Brad felt that way about me. There was so little indication of such emotion in his dealings with me until now. I shall have to reassess the whole situation.

    And, for the first time, I really think that cuff bracelet is just as pretty as your beautiful depiction of it. Or nearly.


  2. "Today, I thought I'd try something novel... "
    You too? Seems everyone in my part of the blogosphere has caught the Novel bug! I wood have thought, however, your book wood bee on art.

  3. Apparently Brad has been feeding the same line to several of us. Did he use that "and the world turns" bit on you, too?

    (I covet the cuff.)

  4. Well, it seems that Brad is immune to my charms—but so what? Our Hugh has been keeping my inbox full to the brim of late (ahem). What a charming pest he is! I'm glad to see that you didn't hold back from using "blessings" and "Pinterest" in the same sentence this week, ma chère. I covet the cuff too, but I don't want to wear it—I want to frame it!

  5. um... a cuff... a beautiful watercolour and then Brad ... I'm all distracted ... what else did you say?

    i'm not sure if i'll rush out and buy Chanel, but {even after all these years} his face and voice still seem to stop me in my tracks...

    however, I do wish he would go back to the same haircut he had when he made "Meet Joe Black" ...

    ... thanks for the distraction Shell x

  6. Chanel two weeks in a row? You spoil us!

    Wouldn't mind if someone cuffed my ear with that! Speaking of which, does anyone remember ear cuffs?

    Such a delicate work of art! This cuff makes me drool. Mr. Pitt, not so much. He's all yours ladies! Man handle him all you want.

  7. The cuff is gorgeous. I will take it. As for Brad Pitt, having seen Troy I can never take him seriously.

  8. The cuff is so elegant. We all covet it.

    That Brad is such a ladies man. He should know that we'd talk about him and his smooth-talkin' lines (as well as his haircut).

  9. Oh Shell! Reading your blog is such a delight! I look forwards to Fridays - I get witty commentary to read and beautiful pictures to boot!

  10. Mise ~ ever the diplomat. It's ok to say Chanel's cuff is more beautiful than my illustration of it ~ but thank you for not doing so.

    Cafe ~ there's a frenzy of publishing going on in your part of the world, which is great to see! As for me, you're right ~ a nice coffee table book sounds my speed.

    Hiker ~ one word for you: cad.

    Thanks, A Well Styled Life! Lovely to see you here...

    Alexa ~ hee!! For problems such as this, we should pray.

    dkshopgirl ~ anything roughly like this would be just fine with me.

    Cali ~ of all the coincidences, I just saw footage of someone turning up at one of our Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival races wearing ... an ear cuff!

    Margaret ~ you make a good point.

    Ms M ~ he has a smooth but gentle vibe. The marketing types at Chanel seem to know what they are doing!

    Thank you, Debs! My pleasure. Happy weekend!

    Favourite Vintage Finds ~ with a little re-sizing and inclusion of a bell, it would make a fetching kitty cat collar.

  11. I usually don't get excited by jewelry, but this cuff is fantastic! Amazing illustration; it almost looks 3D. I'm less thrilled about Brad's ad. Did someone get paid to write that? I was distracted by his hair too. Ah well, at least we're not all fighting over him. I will however happily wear that gorgeous outfit!

  12. I'm still scratching my head over the ad {and hair}, Katie. Perhaps we aren't meant to overthink it. ;) Perhaps Brad is the "Ooh, shiny and sparkly!" and that's the end of it. But the cuff ~ well, it's smashing. And its hair is exactly the right length.

  13. I had a sublime experience eating a salted caramel macaroon at my desk last week and who should pop into my head but you, dear Shell. Yes, you and macaroons and this delicate beauty of a cuff evoke the sublime. Brad? Not so much.

  14. Thanks, dear Susan ~ things may come and go, but salted caramel will remain.

  15. That cuff is beautiful as is your depiction of it.

    Here's Brad's deeper thinking doppleganger

  16. Oh, what a heart stealer!! Thanks for the wonderful link ~ I much prefer your version, PA. There's no contest. And his hair is the perfect length.

  17. The Brad Pitt ad is controversial why? Anyone who thinks the script means anything besides "buy this perfume" hasn't been watching TV or reading magazines for the last 40 years.

    PA, I like your version. Very handsome dude. I would rub his belly any time, especially if he bought me Shell-made jewelry.

  18. Petrea ~ that's surely the intention, but after watching PA's link, I'd pick up a bottle of Kennel No.5 instead.

  19. Hahahhaha! I love what you wrote Miss Sherree.
    & your illustration is beautiful - I think Chanel should see your work pronto!

  20. Thanks, dear Lily! And I'm always glad to bring out some chuckles.


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