Furry Friends Friday: Pawchance to Dream

ink & watercolour illustration, ACQUIRE PRINTS

In the interests of feline and canine equality, please find herewith one puppy dog, enjoying the tail end of the northern hemisphere summer.  His humans might be found in a lazy hammock nearby. If you live above the equator, I'm very much starting to look forward to trading seasons with you, and exchanging my hot water bottle and double doona layers for linen sheets and someone to fan me.  {Something like this would do.  Or to keep it Australian, this.  Hugh's on recuperative leave for a few weeks, possibly enjoying his very own hammock...}  And on that note...

Happy Furry Friends Friday!


  1. I love this charming pooch! Furry Friends Friday is a guaranteed hit.

    Now honestly, I adore both Robert Downey Jr. and Simon Baker, but I couldn't watch Robert singing. He's okay, really, way better than I am. But he's trying too hard. Whereas, I watched the Simon video all the way through and I will probably watch it again. Either that or just go looking for more Simon videos.

  2. Ma chere—I'll be happy to trade you and the adorable pup my "feels like 110°F (43°C)" for whatever you've got in your hemisphere right now! You and Petrea and I are obviously all on the same page when it comes to men. I've found myself watching the Devil Wears Prada over and over and finally realized it's all about Simon (and he doesn't even play an appealing character). Love RD Jr. too—and of course Hugh can keep to his hammock for a while if he must, but eventually . . .

  3. Simon Baker anyday!!! now, i have obviously missed something... who IS hugh???

    happy friday :-)

  4. Hugh is out here in SoCal right now at Comic-Con! All I'd have to do is jump in my car and drive about 2.5 hours. I'll rest and lie in the hammock AFTER I finish stalk--um, my San Diego trip.

  5. Petrea ~ now that I view the clip again, you're right about RDJ. {Clearly I'm not able to be objective about my crushes. ;) }

    Alexa ~ I forgave Simon's character's flaws in TDWP every time he smiled! As for your temps, I was just reading how hot it is over there. I understand winter's appeal in that case.

    dkshopgirl ~ my apologies. This Hugh. I've remedied the post with a link that clarifies. Now you understand. ;)

    Godspeed, Pop Culture Nerd. That's a very critical mission. I'll send fried chicken to meet you.

  6. Awww, adorable! And where have I been that I don't know Simon Baker? He's adorable too, but not as cute as your puppy. Enjoy the hammock!

  7. Adorable pup and I would love to snuggle with him on that elegant pillow, but I am missing Hugh... merci for that little feast for the eyes with your link!


  8. Katie ~ well, that's saying something! Perhaps I need to get our puppy some dark glasses in case of those roguish puparazzi.

    You're more than welcome, Genie. I enjoyed finding those links...

  9. Too cute I love your illustrations!! Adorable pup!


    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my Giveaway of a very Special Painting by Mary Maxam!

  10. Oh! I love the smug expression on Monsieur Puppys face - obviously he's quite aquainted with luxurious living - likes the finer things in life (I can identify with that) - soft and easy!

  11. I'm all for a day for our furry friends, i.e., dogs! But don't forget Francophilly Fryday either!

  12. Rakcing my brain to figure out how to incorporate "Aye, there's the rub" as the punchline, but just read PCN's comment and knowing that Hugh was/is an hour away has me all verklempt!

  13. Hi, Karena ~ lovely to see you ~ thank you for dropping by.

    Diana ~ I'd trade places with him if given the chance. Curled up really tight, I think I could just fit...

    Cafe ~ sounds like you're due for a pupuccino. ;)

    Cali ~ you and me, both! Perhaps if you put the pedal to the metal, you can catch up with them.

  14. After watching the videos, I appreciate better the expression of content (?) on your Furry Friend's face!
    My "tiercé" : Simon first, first, first! Since I couldn't understand all he said the first time, I had to watch it a few more times, the problem being that I loose my concentration every time he smiles....
    Robert, second, I like that guy very much too but yes, as Petrea, no need to get the soundtrack...
    Hugh, third, a little too hot for this cold Sunday morning here....
    We could easily borrow some heat from Alexa and all my East Cost American friends in Paris right now !!

  15. Congratulations to Cadel!

    (Katie might remember Simon from LA Confidential.)

  16. He is so cute -- and looks so pleased to have "equal time". Love your title, too. :-)

  17. Pawchance to Dream - well, okay, then. As much as I adore the pup on the pillow, I'm off to join the ridiculously handsome Hugh on his hammock. Thank you for pointing me in his direction, Shell.

  18. Marylène ~ heh! Simon's smile will do that to a girl. I want to choose a different link for poor Robert Downey Jr now but I'll leave it there for posterity.

    Thank you, dear Cali! Cadel's huge heart was demonstrated not just by his win, but by kissing his fluffy toy lion on the dais. I'm so happy for him.

    Ms M ~ he does look pleased with himself.

    Susan ~ ridiculously handsome in an adorably down-to-earth package. What a combination.

  19. Thank you for the lovely welcome back comment dear Shell. Puppy dog sure has a little piece of heaven on that gorgeous cushion! Big hugs back at you! ♥ Carla.

  20. Hey, Carla ~ I've missed you! So lovely to have you back. I can think of a couple of other animals {at least} who'd love to borrow puppy's bed.

  21. Too sweet ♥

    And oh so cute ♥

  22. How did I miss this? Well, you know I'm a dog lover, and this totally reminds me of my dog Scout, who is always look for a good soft place to reign over.

  23. Aww, Margaret ~ I'm glad this little one reminds you of your sweetie Scout.


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