Francophile Friday: Saintly Aristocats

ink & watercolour illustration, 8.75" x 7" [22.5 x 18cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS
Yesterday was Bastille Day.  But thanks to the miracles of time zone travel, you might still be wearing your beret, brushing macaron crumbs from the table and resisting the urge to tap the closest piano accordion player over the head with a baguette.  It was thus inevitable that today would irresistibly draw us back to Paris and this view.  Merci and abundant thanks to Genie of Paris and Beyond for her gorgeous inspiration.  And our three little tricolor kitties are Berlioz, Marie et Toulouse in a walk down memory lane with The Aristocats.  Being an artistic pianist with one camouflaged whisker of prima donna, this is one of my all-time favourite Walt Disney movies.  Berlioz can be considered blue in cat lingo, so I'm only taking a smidge of watercoloured poetic license.   Let's go for a stroll and find some jazz.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Happy Bastille Day to you, ma chere Shell—and it is still le quatorze juillet here in NYC! I just congratulated Genie on the first-year anniversary of her wonderful blog, and I'm sure she would agree that your interpretation—complete with tricolor kitties—is just the perfect icing on her Parisian gateau. (And thanks for the link; it's for sure one of Disney's best. Meow.)

  2. what a lovely way to celebrate Bastille Day! Lovely names for the kitties ...

  3. I can't miss Francophilly Friday! You are definitely an Art Saint!

  4. I knew you'd have something for Bastille Day because you never disappoint. You and Cafe can polish off the macarons, I will indulge in some l'escargot (which, someone said, is just an excuse for all that lovely garlic butter.)

  5. Love, love, love this one, Shell! The scene is so familiar to me (and daughter Holly) but what a treat to see the kitties peering out of the windows! It is a lovely interpretation of this landmark... merci, ma chère amie!


  6. The tri-colored kitties are too cute! Delightful illustration (from a wonderful photo). I bet the Bastille Day celebrations will keep going through the weekend at this party spot. Count me in for garlicky snails and macarons!

  7. such a fun tribute to Bastille Day!
    It was also fun to see the movie clips; I haven't thought about that movie in years!

  8. Not one but THREE kitties? It's a party, all right!

    I'll bring cupcakes and balls of yarn.

  9. I'm a little late to this party but Happy Bastille Day! Lovely post for this day.

  10. Thanks, dear Alexa ~ I love icing!

    dkshopgirl ~ very fitting, aren't they!

    Cafe ~ I feel I should paws for some quiet contemplation.

    Hiker ~ you can always skip straight to the garlic butter...

    Thank you, dear Genie! I hope Holly loves it, too. And I hope no-one minds the minor renovation ~ the kitties needed some extra window space. :)

    Thanks, Katie ~ your order has been taken and the wine is on its way.

    It's an oldie but goodie, Ms M.

    Pop Culture Nerd ~ your gifts will go down a treat!

    Laurie ~ always lovely to see you and you can never be late here. Happy Bastille Day to you, too.

  11. I"m late but see you had a delightful fête! :) I know Genie is over the moon with this delightful illo. Meeps is a big miffed but she'll recover ! :)

  12. I'm even later! (Does that mean I win, or lose?) It's been a busy week, what with Bastille Day and all. But I won't miss a chance to party with all you great ladies (and the kitties and pooch, of course).

  13. Such saintly kitties. Do they also eat macarons or do you let them eat cake? ;-)

  14. Thanks, dear V! I thought I'd better share the kitty colour love around for a change, but Meeps {and Ella} won't have to wait long for another moment in the sun. ;)

    Petrea ~ I've lost track, so let's say you win! We have our second wind...

    Cali ~ hmm, that's a difficult call. As a good kitty mother, I really should draw the line at either. I'm thinking a little whipped cream would be safe.

  15. Well, I'm the latest of the late, but I'm still resisting the urge to tap an accordion player on the head with a baguette so it must still be Bastille Day in Altadena.

    The two pitties in the house have thrown me and the kitties off balance. I'll have to invite Berlioz, Marie et Toulouse over to tip the scale back toward the felines. Or maybe I'll just watch The Aristocats.

    Delightful, Shell, as usual.

  16. Susan ~ putting your feet up and watching The Aristocats sounds like the most relaxing option. I hope your newest addition is settling in beautifully. I'll pop by shortly to find out...

  17. This is so lovely Shell and a very fitting tribute to Bastille Day....xv

  18. How lovely! Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx


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