Friday, July 1, 2011

Francophile Friday Fleurish: The Macaron Apology

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS

While we merrily took tea in Paris last weekend, there was an elephant in the room.  No, it did not break any of the china.  {It's an elephant, not a bull.  Stay with me, s'il vous plaît.} But it was there, no matter how quietly it tried to drink its Assam Harmutty Estate Tea while standing in the corner with a lampshade on its head.  The cause?  There were no macarons invited to our tea party.  Today, this travesty is addressed ~ may the festivities resume.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Macarons, indeed! I am reminded that this long American holiday weekend would be a good time to put my almond flour to good use with a few batches of these little delights. Oh, why bother when I can join you for tea, macarons, and fun?

    Bon weekend, mon amie!


  2. Macarons don't need no stinkin' invite! I am sure someone smuggled some in. You probably didn't notice as you were too distracted by that (no doubt) pink elephant in the room. With lampshade on head.

    Now, how does one go about ordering macarons from Genie? ;-)

  3. Red, white, & blue macarons are on my to do list this weekend. Happy Franco Macaron Fryday, ShSh!

  4. No macarons? Mon Dieu—that truly would be a shame and a pity! But trust you to remedy the situation in the most elegant way possible, ma chere. (P.S. -- am patiently awaiting opening of Ladurée NYC, scheduled for this month!)

  5. Absolutely beautiful, as ever, Shell. We were all so distracted by the flowing wit and bonhomie that we never even noticed the omission, though now, of course, we realize why we suffered a few inexplicable pangs that evening.

  6. I would definitely enjoy myself at this table. Can we add some wine?

  7. Oh! my Shell now I am content - with macarons in pretty shades of sweet violet, framboise and french vanilla - with the lightest crunch to the first bite then soft and delectable inside.
    I must confess I have never tasted Assam Harmutty Estate tea - must go fossicking in little salons de thés.

  8. Of course! Macarons! How was it we didn't notice? Must have been the wine....

    Lovely illustration! Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Genie ~ whether you decide to bake or not, I wish all of you a very happy 4th July weekend! {And if you do decide to bake, I think you'd better get your order book and dry ice ready...}

    Cali ~ you know me so well. Put an animal in the vicinity and I'm instantly distracted by it!

    Cafe ~ that's a very fine and appropriate quest. Would the blue ones be blueberry flavoured?

    Hiker ~ excellent.

    Counting the sleeps, Alexa? I'm very excited for you!!

    Thanks, dear Mise ~ I'm glad it wasn't as negligent as I worried it might be.

    Sure, Margaret! Your wish...

    Dianne ~ I haven't tasted it either, but the elephant seems very taken with it. Reminds him of home, perhaps.

    Ms M ~ wishing you a happy weekend, too!

  10. So glad the macarons didn't take it personally not being invited to last week's party. They seem to be in fine form here! (They obviously are the life of the party as it took me a few moments to notice the gorgeous tea cup and pretty flowers.) I had some sparkling wine tonight with tapas; I think macarons and sparkling wine would go very well together, so I'll bring a case of the bubbly to this party!

  11. I did not need a macaron, but that doesn't mean I did not want a macaron.

  12. Your comments make me smile as much as your painting.

  13. Katie ~ I trust your taste without reservation. Bring it on!

    Aaah. Wants versus needs. I see you've been talking philosophy with our elephant in the corner, Petrea...

    Thank you, Debs! Bringing you a smile makes me happy.

  14. I love the details on that gorgeous cup. I can't wait to sip some tea out of it and nibble on a macaron - or three. You have more than redeemed yourself for the initial oversight.

  15. Susan ~ that's a relief. I can sleep more easily tonight. ;)

  16. Mouth-watering, Shell. I see there are only three macarons, though, which is the perfect number for me, but where are everyone else's?

  17. Such an oversight Shell! Glad they have now made an appearance....xv

  18. Pop Culture Nerd ~ ssh, you'll draw the waiter's attention. There are Ladurée boxfuls stashed in a tote under the table within easy reach. No need to pace ourselves.

    It was, Vicki ~ all seems right in the world now.

  19. No macarons...sigh.
    Today's macarons look adorable. And delectable :)

  20. I so hope we find a house to buy soon, so I can buy some of your lovely prints for the walls!

  21. Lovely to see you, Kathryn! And thank you, I'll be honoured when the time comes.


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