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Francophile Friday: Scooter to a Tea

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS

This weekend, we're taking a tea leaf from Hugh's book.  Our kitty mascot is leading the pastel scootercade through Paris to this beautiful salon de thé.  Merci and hugs to sweet Genie of Paris and Beyond for the magnificent inspiration.   I usually prefer a half-strength latte when I'm out and about {it's a slippery slope down the caffeine precipice from there}, but I'll happily take a refreshing pot of tea when it involves meeting up with friends somewhere as pretty as this.   I'm thinking darjeeling with organic rose petals and pieces of vanilla bean, hand-cut by a Tibetan monk.  If you're after something of a more medicinal nature, you might procure a glass of red at the same establishment.  The choice is yours.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Oooh, I recognized this right away—as one of Genie's (you've made the most of her inspiration!), and one of my fave places for a nice light bite and relaxing cuppa. But you know I'd follow your scootercade anywhere, ma chere! And love the bonus of our Hugh. ;~}

  2. What a lovely watercolor...
    Love it !

  3. I'm happy to start with the tea and move on to the wine. After all, I expect we'll be lingering awhile with so much to discuss about our affaires of the coeur and les petits gateaux jolis. One of us will have to stay sober to scoot les femmes élégantes home, but I'm just going to lie low here awhile in case anyone expects me to volunteer.

  4. I just love the colors. Come to think of it, I always love the colors. Probably a matter of really versus really, really.

  5. Oh, yes, the colors! Always the colors: cajoling, beguiling, beckoning. As beautiful as Paris is it is even lovelier when colored by Shell.

    Think Hugh might need a hand handling (there's an image!) all of us. Perhaps Colin or a Paris Crush or two? ;-)

  6. Thank you for planting your Hugh back in my mind to replace Southern California's Hugh (otherwise known as Hef).

    Love the kitty on the scooter. See you soon for tea on that slippery slope!

  7. Everyone above took my words, ShSh!
    So I'm just left to say that the driver of the scooter must be a K9.

  8. This is such a delightful image. And yes, the colors are so fabulous. I'm with Mise and will start with tea and happily move on to wine. Sorry I won't be volunteering to stay sober, especially since I plan on staying here all weekend! What a fun party we'll have (hear that Hugh?!), and I'm sure we can sneak kitty in too.

  9. A lovely scene! I'll try some of your tea; it sounds exquisite.
    And Kitty is so talented. Who knew she could drive a scooter? (Obviously you did :-) )

  10. Alexa ~ well, I'm especially glad this happens to be one of your favourite spots! And I'll do my best to only take the scootercade to the very nicest of places...

    Thanks, Ann ~ have a lovely weekend!

    Mise ~ yes, lingering is on the menu. Not to fret, kitty has arranged some teatotailer friends to drive us home.

    Hiker ~ really? I'm really, really delighted to hear that.

    I like your thinking, Cali. Let's hit the speed dial...

    Susan ~ you're most welcome! I feel it's my civic duty to drive that other image out of your mind.

    Thanks, Cafe. And it could be one of the fluffy miniature K9 varieties, if you half-close your eyes...

    Katie ~ I've arranged for some lounging pyjamas. Silk, organic cotton and bamboo should cover all preferences.

    Ms M ~ ahem, we won't discuss the delicate subject of how many lessons were required.

  11. Lovely sketch! That scooter is a beauty. Enjoy the wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

  12. I shall be there in a month! Always so much to discover in that beautiful city.
    Have a nice weekend!

  13. I'd enjoy a cup of tea with this group anywhere, but a glass of wine with all of you in this charming Paris spot would make my year!

  14. Thanks, Kellie!

    Oh, that's so exciting, AnnaLivia! I'm very happy for you.

    Petrea ~ and mine!

  15. Maybe I need one of your loyal followers to persuade me of the delights of Paris, if they can loosen the velcro that attaches me to Venice.

  16. Very evocative! A nice place to let your mind wander! (no dictionary where I am to check the vocabulary, hope the words exist!!!)

  17. Y ~ you'll have no shortage of takers should the mood take you there!

    Merci, Marylène ~ the words do exist, and make perfect sense. :) Bisous.

  18. Love this one Shell and I do believe that is my Meeps about to scoot off on her pink scooter for a day in Paris! :)

  19. Virginia ~ I can almost hear your Meeps purring from here. Oh wait ~ it's my Ella. ;) Imagine them let loose together... crumbs!

    Thanks, dear Vicki... always a pleasure.

  20. First of all, love that shade of blue. Second of all, I hope we're talking free trade monks. I hate to think of you being exploitative.

  21. ...and here I am, jet-lagged and dragging in "late" to see this precious illo... All I can say is "meep" as it is adorable and a beautiful interpretation of my photo. You have captured the shade of blue perfectly for "The Winged Ant"

    I will join you for a pet't glass of vin rosé (in this heat of Paris).

    Merci, ma chère amie! You amaze me!


  22. Margaret ~ first of all, I'm glad. Second of all, absolutely. And I believe they were accompanied by the sound of one hand clapping.

    Genie ~ if you're jet-lagged, all the more reason to put up your feet and enjoy some rosé together. I'm so happy you love this. All thanks to your beautiful inspiration. Bisous...

  23. What a beautiful rendition of Genie's photo -- you are so incredibly talented!

  24. I can't wait to go to the Mariage Freres Salon du The...and your exquisite piece reminds of me. Definitely a darjeeling with rose petals for me, followed by a Japanese gyokuro...yum!

  25. Hello, M ~ thank you for your kind comment and for saying Hello while you're here. It's lovely to meet you. Genie's photos are beautiful inspiration.

    Indie.Tea ~ I remember your love of Mariage Freres... and I'm glad this has reminded you of it.

  26. Hi, I really like your illustrations, especially this one. I wrote a story about cafe, and the description look like this illustration :D

    1. Hi, istiana ~ welcome and thank you. :) Sounds like your cafe was a lovely one, too.


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