Francophile Friday Fleurish: Flower Power

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My possums aren't going to be happy with me.  Cyclone Yasi obliterated most of Australia's banana crops{In a double whammy, those poor farmers also lost their crops in Cyclone Larry in 2006 and have to start again, again.} This will take the humble banana into luxury goods territory.  I could feed my adopted wildlife a silk pillowcaseful of organically~grown Bulgarian rose petals harvested by the light of the silvery moon by Colin Firth and pay less.  So until my possums figure out how to contribute to the household budget, I see tinned two-fruits on their horizon.  Indefinitely.* 

It's been a troubled week in many places around the world.  And while offering up flowers seems hopelessly inadequate, perhaps these pretty blooms in a Paris flower shop can go some way towards helping to count our blessings.  To triple your smile value, pop over and gaze at the source of inspiration of my illustration today.  Bisous and thanks to dear Virginia of Paris Through My Lens.   Let's loiter and inhale.  Exhale.  Inhale...  And on that note ~

Happy Francophile Friday Fleurish to you.

* Seriously, I will invest in local bananas as they become available again.  A small price to pay to support these farmers as they get back on their feet again.  My heart goes out to all those affected by Cyclone Yasi. The RSPCA in Townsville was damaged, only weeks after the Fairfield refuge here in Brisbane was badly flooded.   And they will have much to do saving companion animals and wildlife in the wake of Yasi.  You can donate to the RSPCA here.  Thank you.


  1. Regular commenters know dear Yvonne, who lives up in north Queensland. The cyclone did pass over her area, but it has not been reported as an area of very severe impact. That could be a relative thing!! The power is out there and could take time to be restored. I'm hoping she'll put a message over on her blog when she's able to ~ here's the link. Huge hugs and thinking of you, Yvonne!

  2. A big hello and many well-wishings to Yvonne, and what a fine thing, Shell, to paint this lovely, lovely picture amid all the goings-on there. I hope the banana resurges triumphant and the Firth-picked rose petal dwindles to its rightful place.

  3. Do the rose petals actually come with Colin Firth, because if they do, I'll take them.

    Wishing all of you sunny skies.

  4. You really have possum pets? They're the only pocket mammals we have on this continent. They're great fun to watch.

    I heard Yasi was coming, and hoped it would run out of steam before landfall. Keep telling yourself there's no such thing as climate change -- a good percentage of the people over here believe that makes it go away.

  5. It is optimism like yours that keeps the world on an even keel, dear Shell. And there is no way this lovely illo could be considered inadequate when it inspires one to dream, to hope, to want to live even in a world as crazy as this one can be. Then again, it's all we got. We need to take care of it and each other. All my best to you, Yvonne and all your readers.

    wv: ration

  6. Mon chère Shell, you continue to make me smile. How did I get so very lucky to have such a talented friend that takes my photographs and turns them into such delightful works of art! That said, I'm trying to overlook the fact that you deleted M. Hunky Frenchman and subbed this chic Parisian lady! :)

    Meeps and I send our love to all of you as you recover.

  7. Frankly, your Franco Frydays bring a smile to my face each time. Frankfurter Frydays probably would do the same.

  8. I knew V would note the absence of M. Hunky Frenchman! (As did I, but we get Mr. Hunky Brit in his place—hullo, Colin!) I'm thinking as many positive thoughts as I can on behalf of all of you (and your critters) Down Under. Who thought you'd see a day when a banana was worth its weight in Ladurée macarons. I'll stop now and count my blessings—among them: Shell every Friday.

  9. Your lovely blossoms bring cheer and beauty to a hard week. Healing and blessings to all who have been affected by the violent weather.

  10. Hooray, I've heard from Yvonne and she's fine! She'll report with more elaboration via her blog after a good night's sleep {I'm quoting her!}

    Mise ~ though it's a sad loss, the bananas will eventually return, plumper and sweeter than ever.

    Margaret ~ ok, if they did come with Colin Firth, they would outprice the bananas.

    Hiker ~ hm. Judging by the weight when they land on my roof, they'd need a heck of a large pocket. I'm thinking our possums are different from your possums?

    Thanks, dear Cali. That's really beautiful. Hopes and dreams are life's treasures.

    V ~ I know my limits. An illo of a hunk can never hope to incite the same thrill as a photo of a hunk. ;)

    Cafe ~ a day featuring hot dogs? There's a thought...

    Thanks, Alexa! The possies would disagree with me, but I'd always take a banana flavoured macaron over a real banana.

    Ms M ~ may the blessings blossom.

  11. Such a lovely colorful illustration. Glad to hear Yvonne is doing ok. I feel so bad that Australia is getting so battered by the elements. Cheers to you for all you've done to get the word out about how things are going there and how people can help. Mother Nature needs to head to Paris to relax and smell the roses! I bet even Colin would pop across the Channel to help pick the best ones.

  12. Hi Shell: your beautiful flowers made me smile ~ I'll continue to pay the price for bananas whatever that may be ~ those farmers need every bit of help & encouragement they can get. So... pleased to know Yvonne is OK
    "All Things French"

  13. Katie ~ he seems such a gracious and kind man. I'm certain you're right!

    Dianne ~ they sure do. Trying to comprehend what it would be like to go through it once, let alone twice ... it's very tough.

  14. Your possums are lucky to have you, even without their daily bananas. You're a kind and talented soul. I love the flower shop illo and V's photo that inspired it. May you and your farmer neighbors and all your country's creatures catch a break already. May you all soon be blessed with much sun and a bumper crop of bananas.

  15. I like the lady in the Chanel suit. That "hunky" French guy could do with a little less Elvis on his head.

    Shell, I'm just glad it wasn't worse. I know it'll be hard to rebuild, but lives can't be replaced.

    Climate change? What climate change?

  16. Oh, lordy! Your blog and your army of followers are without doubt the "bestest"!! Shell, you and they never fail to make me smile, chuckle, laugh, guffaw, snort coffee through my nose. (I never said I was gracious, did I?)

    Hmm, now if Johnny (there's only one Johnny) came with the bananas, I'd definitely be first in line, and would demonstrate how those tiny, fragile, senior Italian ladies hold their place in line!

    By the way, another friend in Brisbane said they were charging $20/kilo for those bent fruit. Now, you can't tell me that price is going to help the producers. There just might be someone in the middle there. (So young, so cynical.)

    Tutti e bene in Atherton .. we're so flippin' lucky. Hugs to all you mob. :-)

  17. Susan ~ thank you! I'll be sure to tell "my" possums what you said if they roll their eyes at me in displeasure. ;)

    Petrea ~ LOL!! I hadn't noticed the Elvis hair. Not, it's all I can see. And absolutely, those lives are precious.

    Right back at you, Yvonne. Speaking of the bestest! And if I had any sway with Johnny and could arrange him to swashbuckle into town for you, it would be done in a heartbeat.

  18. Oh, Shell, I first noticed the absence of M. Hunky but love the refined elegance of your illo, beautiful as always!

    Wishing the very best for Yvonne and all those impacted by that nasty cyclone!

    Big hugs,

  19. Thanks, Genie ~ they say never to work with children and animals ~ I'm wondering if 'and hunky men' should be included with that. ;)

  20. So glad to hear Yvonne is okay. Thanks for keeping us updated on news over there, Shell.

    Since you know my story about my mother's roses, you probably also know I'm going to love any illo or photo of a flower shop. Thanks, Shell and Virginia.

    Oh, and I'll take three dozen bouquets if Colin delivers them.

  21. PCN ~ I'm always glad to remind you ~ and me ~ of your mother's roses. Would you like Colin to make his delivery on a bicycle?

  22. Oh, yes, please! With a baguette in his basket!

  23. Such prettiness in a time of harshness (is that a word?). Possums also like old carrots. Or maybe that's just Sydney possums ;)

  24. Thanks for the get-well greeting on my blog the other day. I appreciated everybody's kind gestures so much! I'm back in the game now, a little weak but ready to roll.

  25. PCN ~ heh heh!

    Debs ~ old carrots? My possums would never have volunteered that information. I'm going to give it a try! ;)

    pasadenapio ~ I'm very happy to hear you're on the up and up, if still a tad wobbly.


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