Francophile Friday: Bicyclette and regnaluoB

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm]
When I saw Virginia's photo inspiration for today's post {merci comme toujours, V!}, it took me a moment to get my bearings.   If I'd been cycling at the time, I would have wobbled and fallen off in my discombobulation, leaving my 'chic' lying crestfallen and undignified on the cobblestones.  Here's hoping someone kind would be on hand to pick me up and straighten my beret. 

This scene was one of Virginia's Paris Rouge series, but I'm feeling in more of a raspberry mood ~ et voilà.   Our picnic awaits ~ as soon as we procure some crusty baguettes to accompany our fromage et vin.   After you.  No, not that way ~ that way.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Just humming "She wore a raspberry beret" as I read this and speculating that it's a man's bike so in all likelihood belongs to Hugh.

  2. I like that drawing a lot, Shell. Thanks for this.

  3. I'd straighten your beret and buy you a new pair of stockings, as now you'd have a run. Or I think you folks call them ladders.

    (don't tell Virg, but I like it in raspberry better.)

  4. Boulangers and bicyclettes are two of my favorite things, so you've put a big smile on my face, just like the happy kitty cat perched on the bike rack!

  5. I just know a handsome stranger would arrive tout-de-suite to rescue you, ma chere! Or perhaps not exactly a stranger—I'm pretty sure Mise is right about the owner of that blue bike! And you WILL be sharing him at our pique-nique, n'est-ce pas?? (Love the wonderful spin you've put on V's great photo!)

  6. Mise ~ speculate away... I like where it's going.

    Glad to hear that, le0pard13. Thank you!

    Hiker ~ I knew you'd dust me off. And yes, we call them ladders. So worldly-wise, you are.

    Thanks, Susan ~ and kitty's sense of balance on the bicycle is much more attuned than mine. Yoga, I can manage.

    Alexa ~ absolutely we can share. And here's hoping his accident-prone phase has passed. ;)

  7. Bicycle! Hugh! Baguettes! My head might explode from too much amazingness.

    You're so talented, Shell, you can even draw the letters backward in the reflection. If *I* tried it, my letters would look like a chicken drew them. With its feet.

  8. Your artistry, both with l'acquerelli and le parole, astounds me afresh. And, I'm not easily astounded nor afreshed!

    That reminds me of a colleague who asked me, one day, how I was doing. Because I felt that way I answered that I was "Disgruntled." Next day, he left on my desk a parchment with the following in calligraphy "Stay Gruntled." I liked that!

  9. Pssttt, don't tell Hiker but I like it in raspberry better myself! I had fun with that reflection. Glad you did too Sweet Shell.
    Bon weekend,

  10. I remember this photo of V's and love how you have featured it in rasberry, miam-miam. I am looking for Hugh but le chat seems quite content sitting...

    This is as per your usual just lovely, Shell... meep!


  11. Merci, Shell. I've been aching a little for Paris today. Why should today be different from any other day?

  12. "raspberry mood?
    go go
    Greetings from Barcelona

  13. Raspberry mood, baguettes, fromage, wine, friends -- what a nice get-away! (And lovely illustration!)

  14. So pretty!
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  15. PCN ~ remind me not to combine these together again. I don't want to incur the wrath of your readers by making your head explode!

    Yvonne ~ hahaha! The calligraphy is an extra-fine touch.

    Thanks again, dear V. Right back at you!

    Genie ~ perhaps le chat is happy to sit and admire Hugh, too. ;)

    You're most welcome, Petrea. Glad to help in some small way!

    Hi, Beatriz ~ thank you for dropping by. Raspberry today, who knows what tomorrow. :)

    Thanks, Ms M. And we can take our time.

    Indie.Tea ~ I am, thanks! Wishing you a lovely weekend, too.

  16. Happy Francophile Friday to you too! Enjoy the gorgeous week, Kellie xx

  17. The colors you use are so romantic and dreamy. Just purrfect for Valentine's Day. And a happy one to you!

  18. Just dusting off my raspberry beret (well actually my daughter's but I'm borrowing it), my pedal-pushers a la Audrey, and ballet flats, popping champagne and baguettes in my dinky basket on the back of my bike and shall meet you there. Reapplying my lipstick in that mirror on the way. Please tell Hugh to wait :)

  19. Always delightful Shell! Those colours look delish together! I'm on my way to the picnic! Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ Carla.

  20. P.S. When I read Feathered Friday: 29 Chooks and the Kindness of Strangers back in Jan it definately lightened my heavy heart over the floods. Gorgeous story Shell, thank you for sharing it. :)

  21. Kellie ~ thanks ~ and a lovely week to you and your puppy dogs, too!

    Cali ~ Happy Valentine's Day to you ~ I hope the kitty cat has a hot date. ;)

    Debs ~ that's a lovely outfit. Hugh's in no hurry...

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your favourite boys, dear Carla! And I'm so glad I had a happy story to be able to share at a tough time.

  22. Thank you for sharing
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  23. Hi, SKIZO ~ great to meet you! Thanks for stopping by.


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