Friday Fleurish: Book Your Posy

ink & watercolour weensy meep miniature, 3.5" x 2.5" [9 x 6.5cm ] ACQUIRE A MEEP
It's been rainy and overcast for most of this week, so the garden is feeling very chirpy, even if the washing on the line begs to differ.  I caught a towel trying to throw itself back into the top loader this morning.  I gave it my blessings, with a healthy sprinkling of lavender oil for good measure.

It's been ages ~ ages! ~ since we had a Friday Fleurish, so with the weather bureau's welcome expectations of a fine spring weekend, here's a sweet fragrant posy in a vintage cut crystal glass for you to place on your windowsill, or on a carefully nonchalant stack of books such as this.  If the mercury and birds are starting to head south in your neck of the woods, I hope these blooms bring you some cheer.  {To save you searching, the kitty is snoozing on a small buttoned footstool under the table...}  And on that note...

Happy Friday Fleurish to you!

{Inspiration thanks to September 2010 Country Style, Australian edition.}


  1. Shell, what a wonderful welcome to spring in the Southern Hemisphere. The leaded crystal vase is so perfect with the "fleurish" of posies! meep

    Bon Weekend, mon amie!

  2. We're having a bit of Indian summer right now, but the mercury will head south very soon—as an antidote, this meepish mini of pretty posies is more than perfect!

  3. Oh, nice! That looks like a snippet from my sitting room. Well, not my sitting room, your sitting room hanging in my sitting room.

  4. Another wonderful watercolor art! Very well done. Kellie xx

  5. I think that would look gorgeous on top of my stack of books, Shell. Or anywhere!

    Happy weekend!

  6. Guess what ~ still overcast!! Never mind, the birdies love it.

    Genie ~ I was aiming for a bit of a post-brocante meep vibe, so hopefully that worked. Bon weekend!

    Alexa ~ enjoy that Indian Summer while it lasts. I always feel for you in your NYC winter!

    Hiker ~ a perfect fit for your sitting room within a sitting room, I agree...

    Thanks, Kellie ~ have a pretty weekend!!

    PCN ~ I think we'd need a few of these for your many stacks of books. :)

  7. A marvelous flourish to start the weekend -- think I might do some reading....

  8. Ooooooh how lovely to see these beauties in a vintage cut crystal glass and on a stack of books! I must start putting lavender oil in my wash again too! Hope you are having a fab weekend! :)

  9. Perhaps if I put a vase of flowers as lovely as this on my stack of books it will inspire me to actually read them! The one I'm in the middle of reading is really trying my patience. Nothing worse than reading a book where the writing gets in the way. This is often the problem when a book has been translated.
    BTW: Happy Friday Fleurish to you!

    wv: wurde (word! LOL)

  10. Had to leave another comment cause wv is creme! Okay: it's official. I need to get a life. ;-)

  11. Happy reading, Ms M!

    Favourite Vintage Finds ~ I thought this would be up your alley. :)

    Cali ~ if the book is irritating you, at least the vase of flowers will ease the irksomeness. I love it when wv tosses up a real word!!

  12. Oh that's pretty! You've inspired me to put flowers on my bedside table with my pile of books again. I went for a lovely walk amongst the flowers the other day and am getting better at photos. But nothing makes my heart smile like a beautiful painting. I get a smile every Friday now. :)

  13. Thanks, Debs ~ flowers on the bedside table are a lovely way to wake up in the morning, aren't they!


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