XXXX Marks the Spot

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 7" [18 x 18cm]

In last Friday's comments, I promised Cafe Pasadena we'd go somewhere more colourful this week.  So, I present to you: the local XXXX factory.  Someone once told me that "XXXX" means something colourful if you're not in Australia.  Here, it's just the name of our local beer, whose brewery is situated just a few minutes walk from our local homage to the Eiffel Tower.  I'm not a beer drinker, so when you've finished the brewery tour {which may even include a little colourful language}, you'll find me around the corner, wearing black ... s'il vous plaît.

Oh, and I'm trying out some new decor, subject to your thoughts on the matter.  I've shied away from such fripperies in the past, but since we're being colourful today, I thought I'd ask you:  Keep the fripperies, or stay with the classic white? UPDATE:  Thank you for your generous audience participation ~ the fripperies were a fetching diversion but the classic white shall stay.


  1. I have to say that I like the classic white, as the embellishment of your own lovely drawings quite suffices. And that's the opinion of a fellow non-beer drinker.

  2. Here in Southern Cal, XXXX means big business, in colour too, Which also reminds me of Easter eggs & macarons. ShSh, I prefer to think of primarily in color when I think of your website - not a blank/white canvas.

  3. I didn't think of beer when I saw all those X's! What an eyecatching name. Definitely colorful! lol.

    I adore fripperies and noticed it right away. Love the color.

  4. Oh, we're going to be split down the middle, I can tell. Your work has enough delight, whimsy, and color -- no additional decoration needed. XOXO

  5. I didn't think of beer either - maybe something more saucey :-)
    I like the slight whimsy.

  6. I'll happily jump in that car and head down to XXXX to meet the gang! I'm not much of a beer drinker either, but I'm always up for a factory tour (especially one with colourful language). As fun as it was to see the new frippery, I don't like having my eye drawn away from your fabulous drawings.

  7. I always love your colors, sherree. You DO inspired me a lot..

    By the way, check out my blog

    I'm giving away an award to you!


  8. I like the simple white, but sometimes, I'm a plain kinda girl.

    Sign me up for the beer tour. I'll meet you after for chocolate?

  9. Well, this really clarified things! :)

    Mise ~ and there's even a hint of pink about it, so that's saying something.

    Cafe ~ macarons exponentially increase the colour factor!

    Cali ~ I thought of you instantly when I saw it! The colour of the fripperies, that is, not the Xs. ;)

    Hiker ~ if you can translate puppy for me, you can tell me whether we're presently 4 and 4 or 3 and 5...

    GyPsY ~ I had a feeling you'd like a little embellishment.

    Katie ~ just promise not to buy me a stubbie-holder souvenir. ;) {Hang on, do you know what stubbies are???}

    Thanks, sweet Finie! I'll be over shortly. x

    Amy ~ no stubbie-holders from you either, please. I'll buy you both cake as a reward for your compliance with this matter.

  10. Love your drawings/paintings! Is there a Mexican beer that has XXX on the label? Or am I just confused? :)

  11. As usual you have captured this Brissy icon wonderfully! Like the white.

    Happy Easter! :)

  12. Thanks, Ms M! You're spot on, aside from a minor geographical shift ~ it's an Australian beer, or more precisely, a Brisbane beer. And it indeed is called XXX plus another X for good measure ~ sounds like Fourex. We're a strange lot.

    C @ Favourite Vintage Finds ~ lovely to see you, and thank you for your vote ~ we're tipping in the white direction for sure. Happy Easter to you, too!

  13. And C@FVF, I've only just now seen your lovely post about winning Katie's Fleurs ~ thank you, you're a sweetie!!

  14. Maybe I'll have another beer...BURP , excusez moi, and ponder the question!!!!

    I do love the fripperies but I'm thinking it does take away from our favorite artwork. How's that for a middle of the road answer!

  15. Very nice—but I'm not much of a beer drinker, either, so I'll join you around the corner if that's okay. I'll be in black too, probably drinking prosecco. And I like a good frippery as much as the next person, but V makes an excellent point: Why draw the attention away from your wonderful art??

  16. I think I like the white, and I think I'll skip the beer and meet your for wine instead.

  17. Virginia ~ hee hee!! And they say "but" negates whatever went before it, so I've chalked that up to the 'classic white' side of the ledger.

    Thanks, Alexa!! Prosecco, you say? I'll just cleanse my palate with a gelato, then I'll have what you're having.

    Margaret ~ white it is!! Wine, you say? I'll just cleanse my palate with a water cracker, then I'll have what you're having.


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