Francophile Friday Fleurish: Eiffel Flower Trifles

A shockingly long time ago {seven weeks if we're counting}, I mentioned our Brisbane miniature of the Eiffel Tower at Park Road, Milton, and sort of promised {ok, actually promised} to a certain lovely Eiffel Tower-obsessive in the comments section that I'd show it to you.  I was even so bold as to allude to {maybe} showing it on the next Francophile Friday.  Sorry to drag my heels, but at the time, I planned on visiting said monument, taking some photos, artfully arranging myself for a coffee at Rue de Paris {then La Dolce Vita for good measure and dangerously unstable levels on the Caffeinometer}.  Then, I would come home and illustrate a 2009 version for you.

That hasn't happened.  So here's what I propose.  Today, I'm showing you the one I drew quite a while ago.  And for the sake of fun and posterity, I will fulfill the daydream described above for a Francophile Friday in the near future. {I won't say exactly when, as there's some juggling to do on the drawing board queue at the moment and I don't want to drop any balls. Perish the thought.}  We can see how much the streetscape and my drawing style have changed {or not} since then.

And now, let's swan into our weekends with a patchy pink pot of hydrangeas, and a few rosebuds and hyacinths tucked in for luck and fragrant intoxication.

Happy Francophile Friday Fleurish to you!


  1. For a minute there I thought that was THE Eiffel Tower and wondered what all those cars were doing there!

    I can't wait to see if there have been any changes with the streetscape or your drawing style.

    The flowers are beautiful! I can almost smell them from here.

  2. I like the flower in the pot, Sherree! So pretty.. I start to love pink color!

  3. Oh i don't care where or when I see la tour Eiffel. She never disappoints. I know some think she's a cliché but I love everything about her. I never ever tire of walking up and seeing her massive delightfulness. La tour, j'adore!!

    Shell, J'adore your artwork as always mon amie.

  4. What fun to see the Eiffel Tower in this location! I don't care if your drawing is old, it's new to us, and it's fantastic! Of course I can't wait for your new version of this scene, with you installed at Rue de Paris. Not that we're putting pressure on you or anything. (Much!) Love the colorful flowers too. And, because of the time difference, starting my Francophile & Flower Friday on Thursday night.

  5. Thursday night for me, too, and a good way to spend it. La Tour could never be cliché! Seeing it always stirs my heart.

  6. Sh.Sh..She...never disappoints!

    Love your style.

  7. La Dolce Vita is now Rue de Paris? My goodness I have been away for a long while!!!! When did that happen?
    Oh and of course I adore your illustrations - but you knew that already ;)

  8. Cali ~ someday Smell-o-Vision is coming, surely! Meanwhile, I'm thankful for our vivid imaginations.

    Finie ~ I'm glad, given there's often a goodly helping of pink around here.

    Virginia ~ I always get a little kick out of seeing our petite one. I can only begin to imagine what the real one feels like.

    Katie ~ thank you ~ no pressure, of course, LOL! It's kind of fun knowing I'm giving you a headstart on your Fridays.

    Petrea ~ happy to make your heart go pit-a-pat {in a good way, I mean}.

    Thanks, Cafe! Sorry there's no food but I know Petrea fed you well yesterday.

    Adventures ~ {blush} thanks! And sorry if I gave you a fright ~ no, they are both still there. I was planning on starting at Rue de P then heading down to Dolce V for a second cup, which really is one coffee too many for me. ;)

  9. Waiting impatiently .. not to be fobbed off with an old one ... looking at watch ... tapping foot ...

  10. Cliche? Mais non! Another lovely Friday.

  11. A pot of flowers never hurts a thing at all. Lovely illustrations. :D

  12. Mise ~ you have enough time for a stroll past the bakery ingredient cupboard, at least.

    Hiker ~ merci beaucoup!

    Amy ~ not unless one bonks someone over the head with it ~ and one would never do that. :)

  13. Old? New? Whatever and who cares? It's still the ET (or some facsimile thereof) and therefore it makes me happy happy happy—take that, Suzy.
    Meanwhile, take your time coming up with the next masterpiece—near future or far, it's always worth the wait!

  14. I'll have whatever you're having--the Tower, caffeine, flowers--all of it. You've filled me up with goodness and beauty.

  15. Thanks, PCN ~ you're already filled with goodness and beauty, but one can never have too much of such things. I'm happy to oblige.

  16. Just beautiful, Shell, as always! I'm so happy that you share your creations in this blog. They sure do make a lot of people smile.

  17. Yay, ET Suzy ~ thank you!! I was hoping you'd pop in.


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