Francophile Friday: Madame et Le Chat Noir

ink & watercolour illustration, 8.75" x 7" [22.5 x 18cm]

Black cats bring me luck.   If you don't believe me, just look at this.  Kind and sweet MmeBenaut {and fellow kitty fancier} sent me her travel photos of this gorgeous Paris scene, so I consider myself very lucky.  

Thank you for the beautiful photo inspiration, MmeB!!!  As for my own black cats, they've brought me not just luck, but more love-purr-kilo than I can describe.  I'm truly blessed.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you all!

PS:  You might find me just posting on Fridays some weeks ~ please bear with me and thanks for understanding ~ assuming you do understand and aren't presently shaking your fist or waving a pitchfork at me!


  1. You know, one of my kitties is black and she is the sweetest most loving cat I've ever known. Also, she's very dainty and pretty.

    That is a lovely Paris scene, lucky kitty with a view of Paris.

    And no pitchforks from this way. :)

  2. ShSh, aside from that cat who jumped into your picture, this is another magical scene you've captured! It makes me wanna chat about Noir, or go there to have wine & tapas.

  3. Amy ~ aww! She sounds beautiful, of course. {And thank you for keeping me pitchfork-free. :) }

    LOL, Cafe! And wine? Tapas? I'll be there.

  4. Ah Shell, you've done the photo justice and more. So absolutely lovely. Thank you my dear sweet friend.

  5. I think you'll find that legally, posting only on Fridays is a major change to your terms and conditions and needs to be in the LARGE print. And where's the tick box so that we can indicate our understanding (or not). And we think we have a right of way through your shed, and your tree is overhanging our fence. Oh all right then, sometimes only Fridays.

  6. I wasn't going to say anything, but I'm glad Mise brought up the contract.

    Does this hint at a commission? Wait until you tell us? Sigh.

  7. This reminds me of a black kitten my daughter had. Katie was there when Bishop was born and he was convinced she was his mom. He was the "homeliest" cat I ever saw and also the cutest, if that makes sense.
    This black cat is perfectly charming, and I love the subtle colors in this illo, Shell.
    And I could never shake a fist at you, but I may be craving my Shell fix and looking forward to Friday even more than usual!
    (Hey, my wv is "prize"—so you get it.

  8. That's a bewitching illo. Is it Halloween yet?

    I hope you're busy working on something super exciting and delicious that you'll be able to tell us about soon. Meanwhile, have a glorious weekend!

    P.S. My word verification was "duckgyna."

  9. Bhavesh ~ have a lovely weekend!

    Thank you again, MmeB ~ such pretty photos!

    Mise ~ you're right, as always. Headslap. The triplicate is in the mail. Please have your signature witnessed and include three forms of identification signed by a notary public. :)

    Hiker ~ if it was owing to that, I'd definitely have used the LARGE print, and brushed the dust off my Twitter account.

    Alexa ~ 'homeliest' and 'cutest' make perfect sense! And I'll be looking forward to Fridays, too!

    PCN ~ yes, my impeccable timing ~ after I did the illo, I thought, "Wow, that would have been ideal for Halloween." :) Your wv gave me visions of Daffy in a doctor's jacket with a large magnifying glass.

  10. It looks like a real cat perched on the sign. My, how cats love to climb!

    The colors have that look of being slightly faded by the sun. Muted and blending into each other. Even Le Chat Noir is slowly fading into gris.

    Ditto what Alexa said, but I bet I will forget and check in late Monday CA time to see if you have posted. ;-)

    wv: motor!

  11. Oooh this is SO sweet! Yay for MmeB for finding and photographing this great Parisian sign. If you can only post on Fridays I'll understand and won't shake a fist, but I'll be desperate for your drawings!

  12. Cali ~ MmeB's original Chat Noir is solid black, but my watercolouring had other ideas. :) If you forget and drop in on Monday, you can check out whether the kitty has faded further by then!

    Thanks, Katie ~ I'll make sure Fridays are especially good. ;)

  13. Yippee yippeee yippee it's Francophile Friday again. Merci Mme B. for the photo and to you our sweet Shell for another faboo illo! I"ve had my fix for the week.

  14. Shell, I'll be happy whenever you post. Your posts are always drawn with delight for paint.

  15. Hee hee ~ you're welcome, Virginia!

    Thank you, Petrea ~ and wishing you a delight-filled weekend...


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