Casa Del-uge

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8" [18 x 19.5cm]

We've had quite a deluge in the last 24 hours or so, making it the wettest summer we've had for six years.  Tanks are overflowing.  Washing is hanging limp and steadfastly refusing to dry in spite of the washing line being under good cover, and repeated threats of tumble-drying from yours truly.  And my Closet Camels have grown a second hump and left in search of a nice stretch of desert.  

This old place with its confusion of styles is as confusingly named Casa Del Mar, in spite of being near the Brisbane River, not the sea. Let's hope poor drainage doesn't turn their yard into a swimming pool to further confuse the Gods of House Names.


  1. Shell—you know how much I admire your architectural illos. Let's just change the name of this place to Casa del Rio, and hope that it—and you, and your laundry—don't float away.
    Love the wonderful detail here, ma chere!

  2. I hope you're not drowning. I say threaten them with tumble dry. Warm clothes from the dryer are at least comforting on a rainy day. Or so my cats think.

    I love the balconies on this little house. One day I will have a balcony. Or a wraparound porch. I'm not too picky.

  3. Casa del Mar is the name of one of the guest houses at Hearst Castle. This one would fit right in.

    Hope the rain has let up and that the wash has dried. You might want to put up a flyer for those missing Closet Camels. ;-)

    vw: dingle!

  4. Urgh, I think the rain just washed away my internet connection as I went to save my replies. Or someone somewhere wants to test my faculty recall...

    Thanks, Alexa!! It's monsoonal, but touch wood, nothing here on my side of town has floated away.

    Amy ~ I'm sure you'll get that balcony and/or wraparound porch one day, if you wish often enough upon a star. ;)

    Cali ~ you know all the good stuff!! And I hope those lousy Camels at least send me a nice postcard. :)

  5. As much as I love this cute casa, I'm most drawn to the blue car! I agree with Amy that if it keeps raining, go ahead and tumble.

  6. A confusion of styles yes, but loverly nonetheless.

    Getting ready to rain again out this way.

  7. Grumphhh. I hate rain and hope your rainy season ends soon.

    The only time I liked rain was when I was small. One night, our house was flooded, creating a swimming pool in our living room. Much to my parents' chagrin, I had loads of fun sliding down the banister into the water over and over again. Whee!!

    Why did I have to grow up and turn into a rain-hating grouch?

  8. I do like that place with its confusions, and if I were you I'd pass it off as my own, adding veracity by drawing myself into that blue car. As we don't know what you look like, you could take the opportunity to give yourself nicer eyebrows in the drawing than you really have. Not, of course, that your eyebrows aren't magnificent. Far from it.

  9. I fondly remember the days at my parent's house in Brisbane and how my room (and just my room - no-one elses) would flood every time it rained. I would wake up in the morning and step out of my bed into a good 20ml water. Splash! Come to think of it, it's not such a fond memory.

    Any word from the camels?

  10. Well, all I can say is I guess the melted Icebergs had to go somewhere. And, up into the clouds they went. And what goes up, must come down.

  11. Katie ~ I think that car would command one to wear a hat while driving.

    Hiker ~ our rain's still with us, so yours must be new rain.

    PCN ~ do you recall how your parents felt about the indoor pool?

    Mise ~ if I went for the hat, that would take care of the whole embarrassing 'eyebrows' situation.

    Debs ~ your story reminds me of my first car! Its carpets gave me a squoosh like that every time it rained.

    Cafe ~ thank you ~ it all makes sense now. Such a wise dog.

  12. They didn't like us kids diving into it, but it was more because they didn't want us to break our necks.

    Some of the water was drained; the rest eventually dried out. We had stone or marble floors so they weren't damaged.

  13. PCN ~ I remember your story about your mum and planting flower seeds, so I had a feeling they might have had a quiet grin about your antics, aside from the 'danger' aspect, of course.

  14. You needed rain, right? Your clothes are just going to get wet again anyway.

    I'm trying to look at the bright side here.

    Is a closet camel related to a dust bunny?

  15. Petrea ~ that's right ~ where there's manure, there's a pony ~ if you can find them in the rain. :) Are you joshing about the CCs? Just in case you aren't, they are things you stick in your closet to absorb moisture. I'm sure they look kindly on dust bunnies, though not related.

  16. I think I want to live the world of your illustrations! Life would be so beautiful.

  17. Not joking. This is the first I've heard of them. Are they worthy of a ShSh drawing?

  18. GyPsY ~ any time!

    Petrea ~ err, not unless you'd like me to draw a plastic container. :) They aren't as cute as the name implies. They go by various brand names ~ Closet Camel is the one that lodged in my memory banks, but I'm guessing there's an equivalent over your way.

  19. Tumble Dry definitely!
    I love this little house even though it has an odd name.

  20. MmeB ~ I succumbed in the end. Forgive me, Father, for I have created Greenhouse Gas. How many Carbon Offsets must I purchase?


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