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Shed Your Office Hours

ink & watercolour illustration, 5.5" x 8.25" [14.5 x 21cm]

There are sheds, and there are sheds.  This one falls into the latter category. 

I'd be quite happy to have one of these tucked in my garden ~ an old whitewashed-timber studio and its corrugated iron roof that can't be heard over when the rain pounds down on it.  An endearing spot where I could sit overlooking the lavender bush I don't have, while sipping tea that I do have, and wearing designer gumboots I don't have.  Not today, though ~ I'd be passed out on the floor from heatstroke.   Curse you, February...

I'm not sure if any of that ever goes on in this former stable-turned-office, but it is quaint and alluring.  It {and the cottage it accompanies} belongs to heritage architect Peter Freeman and his wife Tanny, in the town of Moruya on the NSW South Coast, as featured in Country Style's Australian February edition. 

I suspect they have real gumboots...


  1. I do agree that that shed is certainly a shed rather than a mere shed, and I feel a bit bad now as I happen to have a pair of designer gumboots to suit your idyll. Would you accept one boot and we'll have one each?

  2. ooh! my aunt and uncle in-law have a place in Moruya! they cruise about on their yacht when not enjoying their stunning views.

    (as you might imagine, they are very well-to-do indeed! drives my father in law nuts ;)

    But they don't have a shed office, so they couldn't be THAT cool, now could they!

  3. I can imagine being overrun with all kinds of creative thoughts in such a charming shed! I love the whole idea of having outbuildings, and experienced my biggest bolt of envy while visiting friends who were living in what had once been Matisse's studio/greenhouse (he had even carved some signature posies into the cement doorstep). Sigh.

  4. Hmmm, maybe you should start with the lavender bush.

    I probably wouldn't get a whole lot of work done around there. I'd be too busy admiring the shed and the garden.

    WV: yethingso. Yeah, I think so.

  5. That shed would bring out the creativity in anyone!

    You forgot to add the A/C you don't have to your little scenario. Man, that doesn't sound right. ;-)

  6. Mise ~ that's a beautiful offer, thank you, but I couldn't possibly risk you stepping on a cow pat with the unshod foot. Saints preserve us.

    Anne ~ now THAT is a small world! I suspect they have the gumboots, though.

    Alexa ~ I love those stories of yours. The people you know ... the places you've been ... ahh.

    Hiker ~ I'll procure a lavender macaron and think about it.

  7. ANYTHING with corrugated tin/iron is good by me. And the lavender bush sounds just right.

  8. Alexa, I experienced a pang of jealousy just knowing you got to visit that place!

    Shell, I agree with the Hiker. You could start with the lavender. It grows well in dry places.

  9. I have a shed of sorts but not a (sigh) shed. I do have the gumboots though (like a good Sydney girl) and the lavender bush. Also a nice range of teas. You're welcome over any time and we can share the boots.

  10. Paula, Petrea ~ Hiker's lavender bush is gaining momentum. It might be time to try one of those hybrids they've "conveniently" developed to withstand our humidity. Hopefully I can learn a thing or two from them...

  11. Debs ~ sorry, we overlapped!! Wow, you have ticked most of the boxes ~ how wonderful! I shall file your most gracious invitation in my memory banks {the elephant-like ones, not the sieve-like ones} and may startle you in five years time when I make it to Sydney again. And I'm putting gumboots on my shopping list, together with the hybrid lavender bush.

  12. I can see you ensconced right there SHSH! It's got you written all over it. Now about Matisse's cottage....oh my goodness!!!

  13. Speaking of vintage typewriters, this shed deserves one. Virg should send you her picture of one from last year.

  14. Ooh, if I had a marvelous shed such as this, it couldn't be anywhere that rains very much. All I would do is lay in bed and read books while listening to the drops ting-tang along the roof (I can't think of another word to describe the sound).

    That it in front of the door looks like a pretty wonderful place to sit with a cup of coffee. You really brought this little shed to life Shell!

  15. Cali ~ désolée, I just realised I hadn't replied to your comment, sorry! A/C may not be romantic, but nor is heat stroke ~ a very sensible addition to the list. ;)

    Virginia, Alexa ~ one of my exes had a beautiful {if dense} cocker spaniel named Matisse, by the way. I still think of her first when I hear the name.

    Hiker ~ nice touch!

    Thanks, Amy ~ and 'ting-tang' is another one for the dictionary. :)

  16. Thanks, Vicki! I can only begin to imagine what yours would be like if you had one...

  17. Love love love this shed! Your drawing is just so amazingly alluring. I'd also need a huge comfy sofa covered in a cheery fabric, a big stack of fashion and home decor magazines, a little fridge stocked with cool drinks, and a little bell to ring when more grapes need peeling.

  18. Katie ~ I see, so you already have the grape peeler organised. I like your priorities. :)


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