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Venerdi in Venice: Pierre's Boating Reflections

ink & watercolour illustration, 10" x 7.5" [25 x 19cm]

The New Year is often a time of reflection.  In Venice, every day is a time of reflection.  Warning: this one might make your eyes go funny if you gaze at it for long enough ~ even more so for the captivating photo taken by Pierre at Venice Daily Photo, on which I based today's illustration.  {Thank you so very much, Pierre ~ just another one of the countless beauties over at your place ~ grazie mille!}

I'm not sure of its construction materials {this should come as no surprise}, but most likely, this little motor boat would be called a "tinny" in Australia, and taken out for weekend fishing trips with the mates ~ an outing that would bear no resemblance whatsoever to this Venetian scene {for a start, I'm guessing there's no beer under that canopy} ~ so I don't even know why I mentioned it.  That aside ...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!

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  1. Your drawing is giving me time to reflect on the wunderous reflection you drew. Doesn't seem easy to do.

  2. That's super, and I like how it all gets ever so slightly more wavy in the water, looking all the more still for not being perfectly still. It'll be Campari on that boat for sure, a crate of it, with its watery red perfect against the pale blue of the boat.

  3. Campari and a handsome man. I want to live in your head and reflect for a day, Shell.

  4. Cafe ~ it's a while since I've reflected in such a way ~ but I felt like a challenge. {Hence the late hour of posting. :) }

    Mise ~ Campari? Oh, perfect ~ what a sophisticated choice!

    Hiker ~ any time! ;)

  5. How did you do the reflection? That's amazing!

    Is that Huge Jackman manning the boat?

  6. Stunning. Makes me want to go boating in a tinny sans beer!

  7. They don't have beer in Venice? I'm not going.

    Shell, Your talent no longer surprises me. But I'm still knocked out by how quickly you, uh, knock these out.

  8. Cali and ET Suzy ~ thank you!! I don't quite know how I did it myself. {That happens to me a lot, LOL!}

    And as for the man, Cali, he can be whoever you'd like him to be. :) Whomever? Alexa?

    MmeB ~ safe to say I'm not a tinny girl, but I'll toast you with something cool from a shady cabana on the beach.

    Thanks, Petrea! And not to fret, I'm sure they have beer in Venice ~ I just don't imagine the same volumes being consumed there! Here's one take on the local beer possibilities. I think I'd throw him back...

  9. Ha! I don't know, he looks like fun. She's taking herself way too seriously. Of course when you look like she does, you can do that.

  10. Your video just proves that some women should stick to handsome dogs instead.

  11. Instead of beer, maybe there is a bottle of sparkling wine. :)

    I love the reflections in this illustration, charming and lovely as always!

  12. Oh, I want that man's life. At least his boat.

    This is so gorgeous it hurts my eyes. The way you rendered the reflection is amazing. And there's that turquoise again!

  13. Once again, I'm delighted and awed by this amazing drawing! (But I'm always delighted and awed when I visit your blog, so I should just expect it.) The way you rendered the reflection, plus the soft warm colors are stunning. Thanks for turning an otherwise gray and chilly Saturday into something special!

  14. Petrea ~ I always laugh when I see those Aussie Hahn ads ~ I'd just hope for even a vaguely apologetic overture if it was me. ;)

    Cafe ~ a k9 would never treat a lady that way. He would at least nuzzle her by way of apology.

    Sparkling wine also works for me, Amy!

    PCN ~ as scooters aren't permitted in Venice, his boat would come in very handy. You may need to arm-wrestle him for it, though...

    Aww, thank you, Katie!! I'm always glad to light up your Saturday.

  15. This actually makes me want to be reflective—it also makes me want to hide away under that tarp and get carried away in beautiful Venezia. Anyone care to join?
    (Hey, my wv is "unbon." I don't think so!)

  16. Alexa ~ I think you'll find it rather crowded under there, but I'm guessing you won't mind. :)

  17. Ohhhh I know this one! Beautiful interpretation! Many thanks Shell Sherree...

  18. Thank you, Pierre!!! So glad you dropped in to see this one ~ I could sit and lose myself in that photo of yours for the longest time!


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