Friday Fleurish: Demitasse of Daisies

ink & watercolour illustration, 5" x 5.25" [12.5 x 13cm]

I love supporting the local RSPCA thrift shop. I regularly de-clutter and haul off my booty.  Then I arrive back home again and unpack someone else's de-cluttered booty, procured for a bargain price while I bask in the warm, fuzzy glow of helping warm, fuzzy animals with my purchase.

A few months ago, on a nonsensical-yet-philanthropic de-cluttering and re-cluttering cycle such as the aforementioned one, I was chuffed to find this sweet gold-rimmed demitasse cup and saucer, produced by Westminster.  It's an Australian china manufacturer about which I can find little of substance, though I apologise that my research today was scanty.  Nearly as scanty as ... oh, never mind.  So to make amends, I'm adding a handful of quasi-daisy-like blooms to enjoy for the weekend.  I thought I'd choose a colour that brings a little cheery sunshine for those who'd love some at the moment. 

And on the subject of the RSPCA ~ Thank You from the bottom of my heart to those who Chipped In and helped the RSPCA Victoria to care for abandoned and neglected animals over the Christmas/New Year season.  The fundraiser ends tomorrow, so you can still make a last-minute donation ~ all are valued more than words can say!  And now...

Happy Friday Fleurish to you!  PS: My internet access in the next few days may be dodgy, so if I haven't checked in or visited your blogs as usual, please forgive me ~ I'll make up for it as soon as I can!


  1. That's lovely, a beautifully cheerful image, and I love the idea of clutter-swopping. How long do you keep the new clutter till it turns into old clutter and goes off back to Charity Clutter-Exchange Central?

  2. Love it!
    I think I might be printing and pasting more of your work in my journal for inspiration.
    Wanna trade some of your art for a semiprecious bracelet of my design? have a look at and let me know.

  3. Yellow! I love it. And you've inspired me to clean out a closet or two so I can have room to refill them.

  4. Oh, that's a real delight. And I'm inspired to find some blooms for a collector's cup of my own.

  5. Thank you for the much needed cheery sunshine as it is quite overcast here today.

    This Friday Fleurish has a francophile vibe to it: I imagine Madame & Monsieur are dancing at a ball in Versailles. Perhaps that is M-A herself cavorting with her alleged Swedish lover? I'm such a romantic! :D

  6. Love love love the bright yellow blooms in the charming "found" cup—so nice for those of us over here in that other hemisphere where it's full-on winter. Hope the RSPCA fundraiser pulled in lots of cash. (At the moment I'm digging deep to see what I can come up with for the poor people of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Seriously, I can't imagine . . .)

  7. I was just thinking as I was drinking an Iced Blended Mocha this afternoon: looking at your header - is that you ShSh behind your computer, with a sneaky cat snooping over your shoulder?!!

  8. Mise ~ it does vary. Actually, it never ceases to amaze me how I still end up with clutter to "de-". Then when I was writing this post ~ the answer became crystal clear!

    Gypsy ~ gosh, what an offer ~ your jewellery is beautiful. I shall be in touch. :)

    Petrea ~ the 'create a vacuum' theory seems quite a potent one.

    Hiker ~ I love little posies tucked into such things ~ simple, cost-effective and sweet.

    Cali ~ great catch ~ it DOES have a French vibe ~ and he has Swede written all over him.

    Alexa ~ years ago I worked in a bright yellow office. I'd swear it was warmer in winter than when it was painted white! And the poor people of Haiti would be grateful for any wall that is still standing. So sad.

    Cafe ~ true, it is me ~ though my hair was longer when I did that drawing. :) And yes, that is my sneaky black kitty ~ I think she was trying to get a better look at you, fine k9!

  9. What a marvelous drawing! Such life and color and fun! And I love the story of your de-clutter trip to the thrift shop, with the added bonus of buying a few bargains and helping the animals. There's a big rummage sale every year here that benefits a local museum and my mom and I have gone every year for a while. I have 2 weeks left to go through my own closets to de-clutter my little apartment. At the sale I usually only buy postcards, but I'll now look for a pretty cup and saucer like this!

  10. How did you know that daisies are my favorite? =P This little cup is soo pretty and cute. I would have been tempted to buy it too!

    It sounds like you go through the same process with stuff as I do with books. Take a load to the used book store and come home with an even bigger load. What? They do store credit for books you bring in, it's like they know it draws you in!

  11. First Shell, congratulations on your fund-raising efforts for the little critters. I'm so proud of you!
    Second, I love the title and the sketch; so cheering and the waltzing couple on the cup are cute.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend dear.

  12. Beautiful and lovely image !! This is so nice and fantastic !!

  13. Putting your art on cups mite bee a bright idea.

  14. Katie ~ ah, the beauty of collecting postcards ~ such neat and compact things to store! And I hope you find something sweet like this at the rummage sale.

    Amy ~ daisies are happy! The book trading is a great idea ~ err, well, aside from keeping you on the book-heavy side of the ledger.

    Thanks, MmeB ~ I'm very grateful to have helped people donate to their cause. Hope you had a lovely weekend, too!

    Thanks, Unseen Rajasthan!

    Cafe ~ I can put designs on mugs for my Zazzle store ~ if only they stocked cute little cups and saucers that were shaped like these...

  15. Beautiful cup with wonderful painting on it.

  16. Oh I love to find someone else's booty at a bargain prix! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and! :) LOL!!!

    PS I'm having Paris withdrawal. I hope and pray for a Francophile Friday!

  17. Thanks, Rajesh! I imagine the residents of your Jai Vilas Palace sipping tea from such cups.

    Virginia ~ welcome home!! Your wish, my sweet... see you Friday. ;)

  18. I can use some of your daisies right now. Haven't seen sunshine in about a week. Went out today and got caught in a lightning and hail storm. Gave me an excuse to have a bad hair day!

  19. PCN ~ I'll try and send some sunshine your way!


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