Venerdi in Venice: San Polo Per Pierre

ink & watercolour illustration on cotton paper, 9.75" x 6.5" [24.5 x 16cm]

Not long ago, when I pressed my nose up to the glass for my regular glimpse into Venetian life over at Venice Daily Photo and saw this, I said aloud to myself, "Ooooooooh!!!"  {I do that a lot.}  Pierre most graciously said to please go right ahead and illustrate his stunning photo of an idyllic scene in the sestiere of San Polo.  Here 'tis.  It was only when I sat down with the large view that I noticed another bonus I'd somehow missed at first sight {shame on me} ~ a kitty sitting at the window.  And it seemed fun to turn the two-legged resident into a flaming redhead.  I hope she doesn't distract Hugh while he's negotiating a tricky bend in the canal with our gondola...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!  And thank you so very much, Pierre ~ you're most kind ~ I love it over at your place.  Update 7th Nov: Pierre has featured my little illustration over at Venice Daily Photo today ~ grazie, Pierre ~ I, too, am chuffed!


  1. Nice Sherree! I love that street lamp...

    btw, u lived at france?

  2. You continue to charm me, every week.

  3. This is so great! I agree with Karin, you charm my socks off.

  4. How would that redhead distract Hugh when he's only looking at me?

    You make me want to move to Venice already, Shell. Either that or Brisbane. Or Paris. Or Venice...

  5. Finie ~ no, but a visit there is in my near future, I can feel it!

    Hiker, Amy ~ thank you! {Amy, please don't catch a cold. Hiker forgoes shoes as well nowadays, so I'm not as concerned about her...}

    PCN ~ a valid point. Forget I said anything. :) {As long as you keep Brisbane on the list, I don't mind the order.}

  6. Mon amie, you are the star on my Paris blog today!! Feel free to stay as long as you like.

    And I'm off to see Pierre's blog too!

  7. It seems the "blond vénitien" is quite fashionable those days. Fits the colors of the walls !
    I totally agree with you : "A cat a day keeps the stress away..." Oh no, it is not the correct saying. Even though.....

  8. Ciao Shell Sherree, That's so nice, grazie mille, great work. If it's ok for you I'll present your painting and your blog tomorrow on Venice Daily. All the best. Pierre.

  9. How can you be so prolific? Can you talk a bit about your process? How long does it take you to do something like this? Do you paint everyday?

  10. Virginia ~ oh, I feel a bit posh with all of the attention. :) You styled the photo beautifully, too. Thank you!! I will come over and luxuriate throughout the day.

    Marylène ~ I think your saying is perfectly lovely!

    Ciao, Pierre! Thank you for dropping in and I'm delighted that you like it. By all means, as you wish ~ I'll be honoured. Thank you so much for allowing me to draw your beautiful photo.

    Margaret ~ I set out each day planning to draw and it doesn't always happen ~ but I'm getting closer to it than I used to and some days I just accept that it's not a great day for it. The time varies depending on size and detail ~ it can take a few hours or more for something very detailed like Katie's Fleurs. And I'll often have a tea-and-stretch break between doing the drawing and doing the painting. The voices in my head find the whole thing very soothing. :)

  11. You get to draw every day (or most days)? How envious I am. I've been working on one for over a month. I've often wondered if you're self taught or if you've studied somewhere. Either way I love popping in and viewing your latest wonder. As usual your latest creation didn't disapoint.

  12. Oh, I just knew your illo of Pierre's photo would be fabulous—and I also knew he'd love it. One of the things I love about your interpretation of others' photos is that your version is special but always mostly faithful to the original (and that woman in the window probably wishes she had red hair anyway). This makes the photographer feel even better about their photo (or at least that's my experience)!

  13. I'm coming to visit after seeing your interpretation of the woman and cat in the window in Venice. What a joyful illustration you've made out of Pierre's photograph.

  14. Followed the link from Venice Daily Photo to see your charming illustration.. and now I think I will make regular visits to your blog.

  15. Adventures ~ sometimes they are doodles or smaller pieces ~ and no, I haven't had lessons. I've just drawn since I was little {littler!} and have always loved it.

    Alexa ~ that's a lovely observation ~ thank you! PS: I may have chosen red hair because I'd kind of like it for myself! :)

    Hi, brattcat ~ I'm happy it brings you joy! Thank you for dropping in...

    Hi, jennyfreckles ~ thank you ~ and I love your name!!

  16. This brought a much needed smile to my face. The little kitty is especially appealing as is the red headed woman and the building itself and Pierre's photo. I forgot to mention the street lamp!

    I agree with what Alexa wrote about your interpretation of others' photos, the last line in particular.

  17. Cali ~ I thought I heard you smile. I'm glad! :)

  18. Oh Shell, another confection of perfection. And now I've had to go spend an hour on Pierre's blog and this is a terrible, terrible thing to get lost on a blog. I know, because I'm constantly getting lost on delightful blogs like yours and Pierre's.

  19. Shell, this is just great! I said it on Piere's blog and I'll say again .. I love the spirit of both of you to do this.
    The illustration is fabulous and inspiring. Love your take on the photo.

  20. Hi Shell,
    Just discovered your blog thanks to a link at Virginia's and I'm so glad I found you, you are remarkably talented and your drawings are exquisite.
    My blog is photos of Avignon and Provence. If you feel like using one of my photos as an inspiration, please feel free, I'd be honoured!

    I am now a follower of your blog, I love it.

  21. Argh ~ my blog ate my own blog comment. {Or maybe I forgot to click Publish after Previewing. Oopsie.} Sorry, Petrea and Gypsy, I thought I replied to yours last night.

    Petrea ~ I, too, have lost hours at Pierre's place, which seems fitting given that I also spent most of my brief time in Venice being lost.

    Hi, Gypsy ~ thank you ~ that's lovely! I'm glad you dropped by.

    Hi, Nathalie ~ so you lived in Sydney for a while ~ I hope you enjoyed your time in Australia, and it must be lovely to be home again in Provence. Thank you so much for your kind offer ~ I'm sure I'll be taking you up on it. ;)

  22. Bonjour, dear Shell. I was up late last night marvelling at the drawing that you did of the two of us - me and Jim - on the spiral staircase in Paris!!! It truly surpasses all my expectations and I LOVE it dearly!

    Everything in your drawing is sooo perfect, including the much debated smile on my lips.

    That was a wonderful time for us! And now we have it immortalized as an original drawing!!!by dear Shell Sherree!

    Thank you, dear one!

  23. My pleasure indeed, dear Shanna. I'm very chuffed and honoured. Thank you!!


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