Melbourne Cup Tipping the Macarons Way

graphite & watercolour illustration on cotton paper, 6.75" x 4.5" [17 x 12 cm]

It's Melbourne Cup Day ~ so let's eat macarons!  At around 3:00pm AEST, the horse race that stops the nation will stop the nation.  It's the richest and most prestigious "two-mile" handicap in the world.  All over Australia, we're celebrating ~ it's a festive, feel-good day, whether you typically follow the gee-gees or not.  Those like me {clueless} have 'a little flutter' and put one dollar each way bets on horses based on their names, colours, numbers, and touching stories.  The serious types will study form guides and videos and check the weather reports in hopes of picking the winning trifecta from a field of 24 horses {Australian, New Zealand and a bunch of internationals as well} over the generally-untested 3,200 metres.  And inevitably, at least one of the three place-getters will be a 'roughie'.  {Hub uncharitably refers to such rogues as 'nags' as he tears his slips into little tiny pieces afterwards.}  Office sweepstakes proliferate, fashions include high heels and hats or fascinators ~ not to mention what the women are wearing.  Any food that's half-passable when eaten with bubbly is the snack of choice for the day. 

And so, we arrive at today's macarons ~ delightful any time, but especially so with champagne.  Though I'll be eating the local variety made here in Brisbane, these are of the genu-ine Parisian persuasion ~ a napkinful of Gérard Mulot macarons, photographed by Virginia shortly before scrompfing them.  What's that, Virginia? Oh. Sorry, I meant, "slowly savouring them".  My guess on the flavours? Chocolate and caramel.  Or maybe rum & raisin and coffee.  Taking this as 'a sign' from above, I was going to place my bet based on which of the Cup runners are chocolate or caramel coloured.  Turns out that didn't narrow the field much.  Enjoy your Cup Day, whatever you're doing!   {Thank you for the mouthwatering photo, Virginia!!}


  1. Oh mon amie, you continue to make me tear up with your precious renderings of my photographs. What an honor and pleasure to see them. And you're right you know. My favorite is caramel and chocolat and.... Maybe I need to take a little trip across the pond soon to have just a few more.:)

    My WV is LIBUROPE!!!

  2. So cute sherree...but i never eat it a family of bread> (^.^)

  3. I don't suppose there's a horse in the race named "Macaroon?" No? Tant pis. In that case, I'd probably follow the PM and put my 2 cents on Daffodil—popular wisdom here in the States says, "Always go with the filly."
    As for the Gérard Mulots, Virginia may have slowly savored them (yeah, right), but I most definitely would have scrompfed them! Thanks for a wonderful drawing and also a good laugh, Shell.

  4. I also pick horses based on color (gray is a fave or would that be grey?)! I pick macarons based on flavor and that would be chocolat! Although sometimes I crave a violet macaron. Now would be one of those times. ;-)

    Kudos to you and Virginia. May we one day all meet in Paris and have a macaron scrompfing contest!

    Hope your horse wins.

  5. Oh no, I hunger for something sweet and have nothing but an apple. I'm crying real tears, this is cruel.

  6. ShSh, you know how to feed a K9!
    I'll take 2 or 3 of those.
    Boxes, that is!

    Oh, No! Did I ever promise to get a Macaron for KB?? Can't recall.

  7. Happy to know about this race. I think I would be of the clueless type. I'm voting for the cookies.

  8. You know, if I must, I will eat macarons. ;) Especially if they happen to be sea salt caramel ones. Love the illustration!

  9. I don't believe I've ever had a proper macaron. I've never liked one enough to scrompf it, and the way you all talk about them it seems I should. Surely I'd scrompf the ones in this painting as well as the ones in Virginia's photograph if I had the opportunity, unless I were at the Melbourne Cup wearing something stylish and being photographed by the paparazzi--in which case I'd slowly savour.

  10. Petrea - check out Europane. From what I've heard from people that have actually been to France, the macarons at Europane are pretty spot on. Mmm. :)

  11. Fabulous drawing! Virginia I'm right there with you tearing up seeing this drawing, if only because I forgot to go to Gérard Mulot! I did eat a few macarons from Pierre Hermé at least (caramel is definitely a favorite, as well as the chocolate-passion fruit). I think a macaron party in Paris is definitely in the offing!

  12. It is a well known fact that Marie-Antoinette did not say "let them eat cake!" But she did lose her head over macarons. :D

  13. @AmyR: you're giving out my secret around The World! There may not be any left for me.

    Ok. But I tasted a new flavor they came out with, and, and, I think it's the best macaron from them yet - or at least my fav!

  14. Nice way to start a rainy, windy day :
    admiring your drawing / painting (?), imaginating I have one of those macarons with my first coffee and reading all those friendly comments !!!!
    Thank you, Sherree.

  15. Well, tickle me pink and roll me in egg whites and dip me in castor sugar... I vanish to party for a few hours and I've missed my own party right here! I'm chuffed that you've had so much fun in my absence... By the way, if anyone would like a macaron recipe {as yet untested in my lazy kitchen but from a good source}, email me and I'll email it to you. It comes illustrated. :)

    Virginia ~ wonderful wv!! I'm so glad you like my drawing of your pretty photo. Caramel is one of the 'special' flavours at our local macarons establishment at the moment ~ yay!!

    Finie ~ if you have a French bakery nearby, you could check it out just in case. It's a tempting sweet combination of lightly crisp outer shell and tender, slightly chewy insides, made mostly from egg whites, almond meal and castor sugar. Some countries have 'macaroons' but often they are different altogether, made from coconut and condensed milk.

    Alexa ~ who's been reading the news, then, LOL! I'm impressed. Yes, K-Rudd {who, incidentally, is from Brisbane} tipped Daffodil but she didn't place. But good on him for tipping a 'girl'.

    Cali ~ my dad always goes for the greys! Sadly, they don't have much track record in the Melbourne Cups, but they sure look pretty. I'm definitely up for the macaron-scrompfing competition in Paris.

    Hiker ~ the horses would be crying over missing out on your apple.

    Cafe ~ I had a feeling you'd approve. :) And I have a feeling you promised to take KB for a walkies to the local macaron establishment. Oh dear.

    Margaret ~ you can join me in the 'clueless' stands any time!

    Amy ~ the sea salt caramel ones sound fantastic!!

    Petrea ~ stylish nibbling is definitely de rigueur if actually at Flemington for the Cup. Several of the major 'brands' put up marquees, fully fitted out with furniture and soft furnishings and morsels on tap, almost like the Oscars after-parties.

    Katie ~ chocolate-passionfruit? Ooooh. I'll have to try that when I get to Paris!!

    Marylène ~ 'imagining' is spot on! And frankly, I don't really know what's technically correct, as it's both a drawing and a painting, so I tend to go with 'illustration'. I'm happy you found a bright spot in your rainy day.

  16. Shell, I can always depend on you for a giggle and a dainty little something. May your dollar each way stand you in good stead.

  17. Alexa ~ sorry, I shouldn't reply to comments while sugar-rushed. K-Rudd tipped the winner Shocking. {I hereby withdraw my praise for him tipping a 'girl' horse.} :)

    Mise ~ thank you! And likewise.

  18. And how exactly did I let the mention of champagne pass by me??? Well I"ve never guzzled, eh I mean sipped champagne and nibbled a macaron but that's on my to do list now for the next jaunt to Paris! Great idea Shell. Local macarons here are not up to snuff so i don't indulge. La sigh.

  19. Sorry to hear the filly didn't place. But must admit I might have been tempted to put a bit down on a horse named Shocking!

  20. Hello girl? been awhile not visiting you. Just too busy at work. Sux sometimes but cést la vie!

    Hmmm...looks yummy huh? Love goodies so, serve for me and my Melbourne Cup is perfect at least in my thoughts. Hope my horse win. Dóh...

    Enjoy your mid-week downunder. C yah!

  21. Virginia ~ I'd love to take credit for that excellent champagne/food pairing, but Cali put me onto it. It's a nice call, isn't it!

    Alexa ~ I'm glad the PM won a few dollars with his bet ~ it may have helped make up for the wisecracks made at his expense {"No wonder he chose it ~ after all, his XYZ policy is a shocker..."} :)

    Chie ~ hi! Lovely to see you ~ glad you enjoyed the goodies. ;)


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