What a Bubbly Pear

Look: twins. One of my dear girlfriends, home from Hong Kong for a little holiday a few months ago, arrived for lunch Chez Shell and we looked like two peas in a pod, except for her beautiful white Kate Spade tote bag. Sigh. She softened my bag envy by kindly bringing a bottle of Eric Bordelet Poiré Granit, a sparkling cider made from pears of true varietal trees, some of them centuries old. The trees. Not the pears. "... Champagne-like and dry; the pear aromas are subtly balanced by citrus, flowers, and earth, and the finish is long and complex..." I felt like she'd whisked me off to Normandy for a little while. What a lovely girlfriend she is, for all manner of reasons, not just that one!


  1. 'the trees. not the pears'

    you crack me up Shell! so glad that you had a lovely visit with your best girl!

  2. Thanks, Anne! And lovely of you to drop in, as always ~ here's a glass of my finest virtual bubbly.

  3. i LOVE your drawings...
    happy i found you.
    nice to meet you :)

  4. Thank you, Laura ~ nice to meet you, too! I love your business name and your pens are gorgeous ~ I'm sure you'll do well with them.

  5. Stunning illustration! Now I know your hairstyle. I love the description of the poire granit, even though I'd never be able to drink it. Looks like it was an enormous bottle! How spoilt, to have friends like that.


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