A Spot of Leopard

Stick a cute leopard in your print ad and I'll buy anything from you. Not seriously ... but I'll at least want to draw it. This one's inspired by Ralph Lauren Home. {I couldn't find an Out of Africa theme on their website, but as long as it wasn't harmed in any way, I'm OK with a handsome gratuitous leopard.} Mine turned out more like a leopard cub. Perhaps it's my subconscious saying that the full size model would be too much of a handful for me.


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  2. I am leopard OBSESSED! and no one does it quite like Ralph!

  3. It may not be Ralph, but I'm still seriously thinking about leopard-print slipcovers after seeing that gorgeous sofa in your review of Julia Bird's Simple Style on your blog, citysage!

  4. I do love your play on words Shell. Now this is a drawing that I can identify with. Cute little kitty cat. You have a wonderful eye for detail and not just on the leopard!

  5. Thank you, MmeBenaut ~ cats of all sizes are adorable, n'est-ce pas?!


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