Warm and Fuzzy Tea Cosies

This possibly is better reserved for an autumnal post but comes under the heading of "Why didn't I do it when I first thought of it," so I'm not delaying any further!

If you have visited any fine bookstore in Australia and not seen Loani Prior's 'Wild Tea Cosies' book there, be surprised then ask them to stock it. I can only knit very basically (and sporadically) but it makes me wish for more. Even if you don't knit, you'll love poring through it if you have an eye for beauty and creativity.

Here's where I clarify my aforementioned procrastination. Some time after I saw Loani's book and blog, I thought, "Hmm, I'd love to draw some of her tea cosies." And didn't. Then lo and behold, as seems to happen when we put a thought out into the universe and drag our heels, talented Liz at The Adventures of Borromini went and did it first (and very beautifully, too - or perhaps Borromini gets the credit?). Better late than never, though. Here are a couple of my own humble 2D representations of Loani's masterpieces.


  1. You funny funny girl. I LOVE it. They look like they would be right at home in a Beatrix Potter story. Once upon a time there were four little rabbits. When they weren't getting into terrible trouble they took tea kept warm in a beautiful cosy made for just such occasions.

  2. Funny what you find when you google your name... a bit late but thanks for the mention. Loani's tea cosy are so yummy to sketch!


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