Rearranging the Blog Furniture

As means of explanation for what appears to be a shocking gap in posts, here goes.

I've been rearranging my blog furniture during the holidays. Though I started this blog with all good intentions, like so many things started that way, it went off the rails. Posts with some relationship to things gorgeous and things for the home gradually morphed into places that were sometimes pedestrian and nowhere near home. So I've started a new blog to go where the winds of my brain take me and hereby frivolously declare that I'll do my best to stay closer to gorgeous and home from here on in.

I haven't carted those off-topic posts to the local RSPCA Thrift Shop but have relocated them to a lovely new home where they'll be very happy.

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  1. ah ha! now I understand. Noice. Very noice. Quite like how there is no room for comment on your other blog. It gives it a 'blogging self confidence' we could all do with. L


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