Francophile Friday : Dior for Tree Climbing - The Pros and Cons


If the Dior Fits for Feline Tree Climbing illustration  © Shell Sherree all rights reserved


Even if the Dior has you channelling your inner Maid Marion, you still might not want to climb trees in it !

Today's illustration sees our fashionable feline scaling new heights with an Eiffel Tower view.  She's frankly unimpressed with the leather corsetry, but her boots could be handy as a fishing net if the urge to catch dinner in the Seine strikes on her way home. 

And if the urge to treat your mother to something extra-special for Mother's Day strikes, you don't even need to leave home!

Delight her with a gorgeous and rare Italian silk scarf, illustrated all over with my lovely leopards.  After all, who doesn't love leopards and something crafted by an artisan in Italy?!  Flowers are lovely, but this gift will say 'I Love You' every day for a long, long time.  I can even send it beautifully gift-wrapped directly to your dear mum anywhere in the world, with a card hand-written by yours truly with your message.  Please click here to send your exquisite and most-thoughtful gift on its merry way.  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Feline Friday to you!


Lovely Leopards Italian Silk Scarf illustrated by Shell Sherree - designed in Australia, made in Italy

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