Australian Wildlife from Bushfires Need Our Help

Jasmine Koala in Tree ink and brush illustration © Shell Sherree all rights reserved
Jasmine Koala in Tree ink and brush illustration © Shell Sherree all rights reserved

I try to keep it a happy place here – a refuge from reality.  And this was going to be a cheery 'Happy New Year' hello!

But what’s happening here in Australia is devastating.

The loss of human life, livestock and homes is tragic. The enormity of loss of our wildlife and their habitat is unfathomable.  We live in a sunburnt, dry and drought-prone country and bushfires are a sad norm here - but the 2019/20 Australian bushfire season has been of a scale and intensity we've not seen before. It's staggering.

If you can donate vital funds to help our native animals recover, please go to WIRES Wildlife Rescue, the organisation in the heart of the hardest hit country at the moment.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

This beautiful organisation has been caring for wildlife for over 30 years. WIRES will ensure that the funds you donate will go where they are needed most to save our injured animals’ lives, to search for all those clinging to life who are still out there, and create ways to sustain the surviving wildlife that's now homeless and without food and water. The season is not yet over - sadly our summer is not even halfway through - let's pray that these bushfire beasts are done with us soon. 

And to our firefighters and every person supporting them in their efforts in every way, you are angels and we thank God for all that you do.  Stay safe. Much love.



  1. Oh, Shell... grieving along with you, as are so many people around the world. Praying for some relief and sending love.

    Your koala drawing is adorable. xoxo

    1. Dear Susan, I'm so sorry for the delay! I only just saw your comment now. Thank you for your kind and caring emails, too. And here we are with the whole world needing our prayers. Stay safe, take care, dear friend. x0xx


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