Friday Fleurish : A Finesse of Felines

Hello Gorgeous flower shop cats in window illustration  © Shell Sherree all rights reserved
Hello Gorgeous flower shop cats in window illustration  © Shell Sherree all rights reserved

If there's anything finer than a shopful of flowers, it's a finesse of felines!

Today's illustration sees a furry trio of kitty cats enjoying their view.  This flower shop is fictitious but if ever I was to open one, it might very well look something like this.  The original inspiration comes from London florist and event stylist firm By Appointment Only Design. By Jove, how lovely! 

So come, let us ponder on petunias and brush up on our begonias.  And stock up on salmon for the little ones waiting patiently here.  And on that note ...

Happy Friday Fleurish to you!


  1. As someone who loves cats and Venice, and has noted your blog over some years, then finally in what would be my ideal flower-shop, I feel I must say "Thank you". Delicate, delightful images.

    1. Hello Ella B ... how lovely! Thank you - it's lovely to meet you. :) I'm very happy you love this flower shop and enjoy my work. That makes my heart glad. Wishing you a beautiful day. x0


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