Francophile Friday : Our Lady Notre Dame

Feline Firefighter and Notre Dame Gargoyle illustration  © Shell Sherree all rights reserved
Feline Firefighter and Notre Dame Gargoyle illustration  © Shell Sherree all rights reserved

This poor gargoyle and its companions have had an exceptionally rough day at the office. 

Today's illustration says Thank You to the brave pompiers - firefighters - of Paris who risked their lives to save Notre Dame and all she holds dear for so many.  They are now a special part of her history.  Bless them all and methinks some divine intervention as well.  Amidst the heavy sadness and heartbreak over the beauty, history and craftsmanship that has been lost, thank heavens for all that has miraculously been saved.  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday to you.

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  1. Did you see my Facebook profile photo? It's this very gargoyle, from this angle! No kitty, though. But it is a sweet view.


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