Furry Friends Friday Illustration : Pink Scootering Road Trip

Pink Scooter Frenchie & Kitty Road Trip illustration  © Shell Sherree all rights reserved
Pink Scooter Frenchie & Kitty Road Trip illustration  © Shell Sherree all rights reserved

Lucky for us, drawings don't impose any penalties for excess baggage!

Today's illustration sees our intrepid travellers with their pink scooter fuelled up and road trip-ready.  If a French bulldog and black kitty cat can't manage to get their wardrobe capsule sorted for carry-on limits, what hope in the world have I!  And on that note ...

Happy Furry Friends Friday to you!



  1. I have a soft, pink backpack that will hold just enough, if I don't stay away too long!

    1. Sounds perfect, Petrea !! Hope you and Wilma are having a wonderful week ... x0


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