Fluffy Fashionable Friday Illustration : I Heart Dresses and Totes Adorable Kitty

Travel Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Heart Dress and Aqua Tote Kitty © Shell Sherree
Travel Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Heart Dress and Aqua Tote Kitty © Shell Sherree

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve.  I figure, "Why stop there?"

I don't know about you, but by the time spring arrives, I'm totally 'over' my winter hibernation jeans and longing to escape into the breeziness of long, flowy dresses at every possible opportunity!  Today's fashion and fluffballs illustration includes one such example I'd love to materialise into my wardrobe, along with a totes adorable kitty cat {as expected ... so predictable!}  Our setting is a European back street somewhere ... sufficiently vague in detail to allow your mind to wander wherever your armchair travels fancy.  If I was hazarding a guess, I'd say there's a hint of salted island air - but maybe I'm mistaking it for salted caramel fare.

So come, let us bask and chat and stroll with legs bare.  And find a platter of local delicacies to share!  And on that note ...

Happy Fluffy Fashionable Friday, honey bear ! 

PS:  To acquire a paper daydream to escape into through your wall, you'll find a lovely range - growing all the time - in my Shell Sherre Studio online store.  If you'd love a print of something that's not yet there, please let me know and I'll arrange it for you.  Merci, grazie, thank you!


  1. Shell, I like all your stuff but this one is a favorite because I think I'd look good in a dress like this, in a street like this, in a dreamy country like this.

    1. You'd rock this dress, Petrea, and I know you'd have the wandering in a dreamy country down pat!! Hugs to you and Wilma! x0


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