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Fashionable Francophile Friday Paris Illustration : Laduree French Bulldog Fluffy Bridge Affair

Paris Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Laduree French Bulldog Fluffy Bridge Affair © Shell Sherree
Paris Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Laduree French Bulldog Fluffy Bridge Affair © Shell Sherree

Today's post title had me thinking of my Agent Violet illustrated series of posts that I started some time ago and lost in translation.  Or lost in time.  Or lost in space.  All these are possible. 

Anyhoo, it's been a busy couple of weeks or more as I've finally bitten the bullet and done something that's needed doing for a long while but it involves moving my blogging and having a different website as my New Home.  And this old girl you're reading now has been my base for nearly 9 years.  I'm very fond of her.  And she will stay here for posterity, archives and old time's sake.  It feels very odd to be mothballing her but sometimes, we must move on, in life, love and lingerie.

My new blogging turf is over at Shell Sherree Studio where I've gathered all my custom illustration portraits and offerings together with my Paris prints and Fashion & Fluffballs prints under one eRoof.  No more wandering dazed and confused from one breadcrumb in my navigational trail to another.  You'll find it all there.  I hope you'll come say Hello there!  If you've subscribed to eMails of my blog posts, fingers crossed I can get the techie side sorted and you'll continue to receive post emails on Fridays from the new location. 

And so, to today's illustration, we're going all fashion bloggery with our wardrobe and enjoying the comfort of sneakers to go with our eclectic attire.  We've eaten all the macarons and replaced them with flowers for this sweet French bulldog to nest in.  But fear not, a delivery from Ladurée is not far away.  Thank you for all your support here at flagship Chez Shell and I hope to see you over at Chez Shell II.  And on that note ...

Happy Fluffy Fashionable Francophile Friday to you !


  1. This is a big step! You know when it's time. I've signed up for your mailing list and hope to be notified when you have blog posts. Best of luck with it and I promise not to lose touch.

    1. Thank you so much, dear Petrea ... you've been my longest standing cheer squad member and have the most frequent flyer points!! It still feels weird and I'm sure I'll still end up putting a new little something here now and then because I won't be able to help myself. But onwards and I will try to embrace the change. I promise to keep in touch chez toi et Wilma, too ... a bientot, dear friend. x0


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