Fashionable Friday Illustration : Secret Garden Sitting

Fashion and Fluffballs Illustration:  Barefooted Garden Ball with French Bulldog and Cat © Shell Sherree
Fashion and Fluffballs Illustration:  Barefooted Garden Ball with French Bulldog and Cat © Shell Sherree

Today's illustration sees a lovely location for a family portrait.  Lucky for us, we can have our sittings wherever our imagination leads us: no dodgy weather delays, no light meters and location scouting.

And speaking of luck, my Shell Sherree illustration blog has been named in the Top 100 Fashion Illustration blogs by Feedspot.  Get out of here!  Thank you to all those who stop by Chez Shell ... I've been blogging for a long time now (since 2008) and some of you have been here since the beginning.  I hope to add a bright spot and gentle respite from the daily ups and downs of life - so if I can put a smile on your dial, it makes me very happy. 

So on with our barefoot and ballgowned creation for today.  This secret garden has a stairway with clambering vines and roses that leads someplace mysterious ... destination unknown.  I wonder what Freud would make of this.  Or is it more Jung's cup of tea?  Perhaps they'll both be waiting for us upstairs.  What a party that would be.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you!


  1. Congratulations, Shell! You certainly deserve that and more. Yay!

    1. Thanks so much, Petrea !! Honestly, I'm gob-smacked as I don't think of this as a fashion illustration blog ... but I guess over time it has kinda sorta morphed into some semblance of one ~ in a very non-typical-fashion-illustration kind of way. ;) Big hugs to you and dear Wilma. x0

  2. Maybe you made the list because you do things your very own special way!

    1. You're a very good sort, Petrea. :) Thank you!! x0


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