Venerdi in Venice : Venetian View

Venice View Illustration, Fashion & Fluffballs © Shell Sherree
Venice View Illustration, Fashion & Fluffballs © Shell Sherree

Weekend in Venice, anyone?   This watery-coloured scenery is long overdue Chez Shell.  My apologies and pass the prosecco, per favore.

Today's Venice illustration sees us consulting a somewhat dubious source for a palm reading.  I don't even know why, as I'll see your soothsayer and raise it by my naysayer.  I'd rather be surprised with what each day unfurls than go through life wondering how to think ahead of every predicted contingency.  I can't even plan my wardrobe the night ahead let alone the rest of it!

So come, let us hoik up our skirts or palazzo pants, perch ourselves at a Venetian vantage point and wave at the locals.  You never know who might stop along.  And on that note ...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you! 

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  1. Whenever I visit here I guiltily think that I should wash and brush my dog Dizzy a bit more often. Just ordered more of your super cards (the piano ones this time); I like them very much and shall only send them to the most special people.

    1. Dear Mise ... the dirtier the Dizzy, the more delectable, I'm sure!! :) No need for a wash and brush, rest assured. Thank you so very much for your order ~ I constantly fret over the Society6 avenue of making products available, as I have zero involvement in the process aside from uploading the illustrations, and never know who has bought things ~ unfortunately we are not privvy to that. So I can't send a thank you or cheerio as I know not to whom! So Thank you and Cheerio and I'm so happy you love them! x0

  2. Prosecco: check! Doggie: check! Skirt hoiked: check! Thank you for the new word (hoik), I love it dearly.


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