Francophile Friday: Shakespeare in Paris

Paris Illustration Shakespeare & Co & Fashionista © Shell-Sherree
Paris Illustration Shakespeare & Co & Fashionista © Shell-Sherree

Today's Paris illustration sees us at Shakespeare And Company, an iconic bookstore for bookworms and browsers alike.

And it's lucky we're in Paris, because we're fashionably late for the day circled on the calendar to celebrate The Bard's life and work.  23rd April marks the anniversary of the day he passed away {this much is known for sure} and possibly also the day he was born {this much: not so much}

As for our pint-sized fashionista, she's celebrating equal parts Shakespeare, Harry Potter and Gucci.  I like her style. "And though she be but little, she is fierce."  Join us for a stroll?  If the heels are too tall, slip on some slides and we're good to go.  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. This is my cup of tea! The history of this store is so interesting. Sylvia Beach, who founded it and was so supportive of Hemingway, Joyce, etc. (she published "Ulysses"), gave up on it during the Nazi occupation and didn't reopen it after the war. The man who relaunched the store (at a new location) did so in her honor, and even named his daughter after her. Sylvia Beach Whitman, related to the first one only through her father's reverence, now owns the store.

  2. I'm glad it's your cup of tea, Petrea, and I'm glad of your love of the researchy ... thank you for the Sylvia Beach link! What a wonderful story and woman. Happy Friday to you and dear Wilma. x0

  3. Love the handbag...although it would need a strap to make it "cross body" for free hand currently (drat that cane). And I doubt if the lovely Ella would need a copy of "Paris for Dummies"... although I'm continuing to learn new things by consulting my personal copy of "Android phones for dummies". Silly phone can do so much more than I give it credit for.
    Have a lovely autumn weekend dear one. Spring may finally be here in my hemisphere.

    1. A strap? Pas de problème, bella! Heh, Ella doesn't need the book but I think perhaps I do. ;) We've had a couple of chilly nights but mostly autumn is mellow and mild thus far. Happy Spring to you and dear Diavolo! Baci ed abbracci... x0


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