Francophile Friday : Taffeta Tango in Paris

Paris Illustration Fashion & Fluffballs : Taffeta Tango in Paris © Shell-Sherree
Paris Illustration Fashion & Fluffballs : Taffeta Tango in Paris © Shell-Sherree

 Today's illustration lends itself to a tango overlooking the rooftops of Paris. 

A gorgeous taffeta confection might impede our steps but would hide a multitude of footwork sins all the while. 

This vintage gown might possibly be Dior.  There was no credit on the photo from which I drew inspiration, so if you know, I'm all ears.  Well, actually, my ears are rather petite.  In proportion, I would say.  Anyhoo, what I do know for sure is this gown is a beauty.  I hear several arrondissements are vying to become its postcode of residence.  They might have to take a number.  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday to you !


  1. I like your taffeta tango gown. I hope that on the side we cannot see, or in the front of the dress, there is a slit so the legs can be seen. For the tango, legs are important. My mother loved the tango and taught me to dance with her when I was a child (because my father was injured in WWII and could not dance.) I wrote a post on her and the tango back in 2010 – you might like it. If you read it, read the comments too:

    1. I love that you danced the tango with your mother, Vagabonde ~ what a beautiful memory to have ! I'll look forward to making a nice cup of tea and settling in to read your tango post shortly. x0

  2. I love the subtle vari-colors. And the Paris view, of course.


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