Fashion and Fluffballs Friday : Kitty Marchesa

Kitty Cat illustration Fashion Faux Pas No.23 © Shell-Sherree
Kitty Cat illustration Fashion Faux Pas No.23 © Shell-Sherree

Short and sweet, I'll let today's illustration do the talking.

Well, aside from saying that unlike kitty, I've never worn a Marchesa gown backwards.  But if I actually possessed a Marchesa gown, who's to say.  And on that note ...

Happy Fluffballs Friday to you!

PS:  You'll find a new series of original artworks of cats and dogs here in my store.  I call them Petal Pies.  Drawn with brush, inks and watercolour and sprinkles of gold, minimal and sweet, these make gorgeous gifts for your favourite animal lovers.  Please go check them out.  Cute as !  


  1. We are not so fancy here. Neither John nor I owns a Marchesa gown. But today, John came to me and said, "Do I have a pocket on the back of my t-shirt?" We laughed while he turned his shirt around.

    1. Frankly, I don't know how Ella came to be in possession of that Marchesa gown, Petrea ...maybe she has a sponsorship deal she's keeping on the quiet. Heh, a pocket on the back of J's t-shirt might be handy for you to put your keys in while hiking together. ;)Happy weekend to you, J and Wilma. x0


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