Francophile Friday : Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

Flowy and Frenchie fashion & fluffballs illustration © Shell-Sherree
{Flowy and Frenchie fashion & fluffballs illustration © Shell-Sherree}

Today's illustration of flowy, sweet goodness upholds my steadfast determination to shine the light of happiness, peace and love in the face of things that are ~ well, the opposite of that. Stubborn, I know. {Often, I've been told.} If I ever succumbed to a tattoo, it would most likely read, "Though she be but little, she is fierce," ~  though clearly not when it comes to the desire to have a tattoo.  Perhaps a nice tea towel instead ...

While I skate on the fluffy snow of my happy place and pray the ice below is thick, I believe from the top of my head to my pink-polished toes that we create more of what we focus on.  Do I always succeed in choosing wisely?  Nopedy-nope nope.  But I keep having a darn good crack at it.  {Let's hope the ice does not do the same.}

So come, let us talk of what makes our hearts soar and our boats float, and tap dance courageously in the face of banana skins.  Where there's a banana skin, there's a monkey.  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday!


  1. You could always paint that slogan on the wall in your home where you will see it every day!
    Or get one of those "faux" there is an idea. I often have a butterfly somewhere on my body but since I can't stand needles (all things considered that's pretty funny) will more than likely never get a "real" tattoo either.

    1. Like you, I do love a nice faux tattoo, Michelle !! When the mood grabs me, to the tatt stash, I go. I can see you with a butterfly - maybe even two! Wishing you and Diavolo a beautiful weekend, bella.

  2. I agree with your philosophy, Shell. The ice under your snow is indeed thick enough to sustain us all.

    1. Dear Petrea, I'm glad. And on the basis of your ice assessment, I'll chip a bucketful for our organic small batch peach vodka. Hugs to you and Wilma.


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