Fashion and Fluffballs : Let's Monkey Around

Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Let's Monkey Around © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Let's Monkey Around © Shell-Sherree}

Happy Chinese New Year !

In a vague, half-baked effort to bring you something journalistically intelligent, I looked up the attributes of those born under the sign of the monkey.  Congratulations if that's you, because you sound rather charismatic!

You are quick-witted, intelligent and bright, cheeky, curious and innovative.  Apparently your gentleness and truthfulness win you eternal love.  Good for you! On the downside, you are capable of nicking someone's sandwich.  But you'll easily charm them into forgiveness and offering you another.

My research interest waned by the time I read the 'good luck/bad luck' tips for the new year. In brief, if you happened to have cleaned your house on Sunday, extra bananas will turn up on your doorstep. If you did the washing today, you might need to watch out for the peels.  And on that note ...

Happy Year of the Monkey to you !


  1. I've gone off to research and now I'm back. I was born under the sign of the sheep/goat/ram, which works out fine because in the western traditional zodiac I'm an Aries (ram). I don't wear wool, though (too itchy), so something silky from Sunday's laundry will have to do.

    1. A ram in both? Now I'll have to do more research ! I'm going to need more patience than both of my signs have when crossed together, Petrea...

  2. I love this illo! I was born under the sign of the dog—one of your cute little fluffballs, I'd love to think. :~} Luckily for me, I've been quite lazy lately, so no need to worry over untimely housecleaning or laundry. Whew!

    1. Thank you, ma chère !! How cute to be born under the sign of a fluffball! I was born under the sign of the dragon. Perhaps mine is a rare breed of fluffy dragons. ;)


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