Fashionable Friday : Fluffing Around

Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Wait a Fluffy Minute © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Fluffing Around © Shell-Sherree}

Hello, Friday !  It's officially acceptable for us to spend time fluffing around.

We've already started partying.  I hope you don't mind but in this instance, we ran with 'it's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission' as our primary train of thought.  All aboard !

So come, the bubbly is perfectly chilled and if our magic carpet rescued you from wintery climes, please check your faux-fur lined capes at the door.  Fluff out your skirts and we'll shake our tail feathers.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you !


  1. Aha! I got here first so I get my bubbly fresh and sparkly as your pretty picture.

    1. And as everyone else is late to the party, we have him all to ourselves. At least we do in our fantasy world!

  2. Sorry I'm late. Had to dig out from the blizzard—and was also thinking twice about tail feathers. Then I remembered that in Shell World we're all as svelte as we want to be. So put on the music and pass the bubbly, Hugh!

    1. Fashionably late, ma chère ~ come, sip your bubbly and Hugh will gently lift that snowy cape from your shoulders ... oh, nice tail feathers !!


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