Fashion and Fluffballs : Of Gold Dust and New Years

Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Pink Balloons, Gold Dust and Kitty Cuddles © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Pink Balloons, Gold Dust and Kitty Cuddles © Shell-Sherree}

Hello, New Year, you bright, shiny, gorgeous Christmas present waiting to be unwrapped one day at a time. 

Let us snuggle under sprinkles of gold dust and the promise of pink balloons, and give thanks for the beauty around us in all shapes and sizes. Here's to the dreamers.

Thank you for all the friendship, love and happiness we share.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashion and Fluffballs New Year to you !


  1. Ciao, bella! Happy New Year (which was yesterday where you are).
    Just make sure if any of that gold dust gets on Ella's fur that it's the edible kind and safe for cats. I'm sure you will.
    Hugs from me and Diavolo.

    1. Ciao, bella !! I'll check with the gold dust pixies ~ one thing I know, it's definitely not of the glitter persuasion {something that should be uninvented should anyone time travel back to the appropriate era}. Happy New Year and hugs to you and Diavolo from Ella and me. x0x

  2. Wishes with wings?—I love it! Here are some more slightly late (I was in the land of the intermittent Internet) but no less heartfelt New Year's wishes for all that's good in 2016. Bises to you and Ella

    1. Thank you, dear Alexa!! I'm glad they tickled you. :) Wishing you a gorgeous 2016, ma chère! Love and hugs from Ella and me. x0x

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, dear Sonia !! Wishing you a gorgeous 2016 !


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