Feel-Good Fluffballs : Happy Father's Day !

Fluffballs illustration :  Miss Olive's Upside Down Patty Cake © Shell-Sherree
{Fluffballs illustration :  Miss Olive's Upside Down Patty Cake © Shell-Sherree}

Today, I'll let our mellow French bulldog and this swashbuckling quote do the talking.  "Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers and singers of song." {Pam Brown}

What does a a sweet, snoozing, topsy turvy Frenchie have to do with it, you might ask, scratching your head on the inside while nodding sagely on the outside ?  Nothing, really .... but some things don't need a reason.

Here's to all the dads in the world in all shapes, sizes and guises. May your channel surfing be swift and your trouser legs narrow.  And on that note ...

Happy Feel-Good Fluffballs and/or Father's Day to you !


  1. I love the muzzle on this sweet little pooper!

    1. Thanks, Petrea !! When I leave comments on the Instagram accounts of my little puppy dog friends, I sometimes call them 'poppets'. I'm thinking now that I could also call them 'poopettes' ....

  2. Such a cute little guy.
    Hope you and Ella and your family have had a good weekend!

    1. Thanks, dear Ms M !! We did, indeed. :) And likewise for you and your lovely family ...


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